Medicine Cabinet


My Medicine Cabinet full of vitamins, supplements, homeopathics and herbal remedies

DISCLAIMER: I am not a health care provider, trained herbalist, nor homeopath. I am just a person who has been looking into these integrated therapies for close to 20 years and I use them on myself and my family and have had excellent results.

There are certain things I like to do to start the New Year off right. I guess they are resolutions in a sense, but really they are more like ways to make the cold winter ahead easier to manage.

One of the easiest and most important ways to do that is make sure that your medicine cabinet is full of remedies that can help your family deal with colds, flus and minor illnesses over the cold months ahead. I find that having some simple home remedies available help in concrete ways:

1) Gets my immune system in shape so that I am less likely to become ill, or if I do, shortens the suffering!
2) Allows me to try something less harsh first AND at the first sign of illness without having to go out when one of us is not feeling well or have to wait for an appointment at the doctor’s office in order to start getting help.
3) Connects me to the resources that the planet gives to each and every one of us to help us heal.
4) Expands my personal knowledge and understanding of the plant world.
5) Saves money and time – less money spent on prescriptions and doctor visits and less time in the car driving to procure these items (each item is shipped to my doorstep).

In this first post I am going to share with you several items that I source from the outside and in a second post I will share with you some of my own recipes.

Here is a list of supplements that I always have on hand for the winter months:

Vitamin C powder – I take this every day to keep my immune system strong and take extra if I get sick.
Organic Zinc Lozenge – One of the most important supplements for winter and especially when you have contracted something. These lozenges also contain Elderberry, another cold fighting friend, and if you have a cough, they help soothe!
Oregano Oil – an herbal, plant based antibiotic. Oregano is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral. I always take this at the first sign of anything icky and it always dramatically cuts down the amount of time the cold lasts. Oregano oil comes in 2 forms, gel caps and liquid. I always have both. The gel caps are easier to take when you are sick (oregano oil has a very strong taste and can burn a bit). I use the liquid in a homemade mouthwash that I use. The antibacterial properties are great for oral health!
Chaga – Another amazing plant based antibiotic. Chaga is a mushroom that has amazing healing and immune boosting properties. I take chaga all through cold and flu season, but taking extra when I have a cold helps in conjunction with oregano oil, especially. In my next post I will be sharing a recipe on how to enjoy chaga everyday!
Garlic – I make sure to include garlic in our meals especially during winter, but always have a supplement version of this on hand in case we get a cold, it helps cut down the amount of time we are sick.

Summer Life Naturals Immune Impact from Summer Life Naturals – I love this as a quick and easy remedy for when I get a cold especially when traveling. I don’t want to take all of the above items with me when I travel in case one of us gets a cold, so this is an easy take along item. I also take this and extra vitamin C whenever I’ve been on a plane – kind of like herbal (and healthier) Airborne. I also just really love the company and its approach towards herbs and healing. Summer Life Naturals is a company that was started by my friend Ingar Brunett and her husband Bill. I love their company because they use plant-based materials and all of their products are non-GMO. Sourcing non-GMO supplements can be so hard because so many of the fillers, which are corn or soy based are full of GMOs. Ingar herself has had a long-standing issue with being able to take supplements that didn’t cause a reaction in her sensitive body. She has spent years crafting her remedies by working with individual plants and bringing together as few ingredients as possible to make effective remedies.

Honey Gardens Wild Cherry Bark Syrup – this is invaluable for coughs. It has also worked well for pneumonia, although if you suspect you have pneumonia make sure to see a doctor ASAP!