Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers and anyone else who is celebrating this holiday!

Thanksgiving is my favorite day of the year, because it is the only real harvest festival that is still celebrated by most everyone in America. I believe harvest days are still very important  times to celebrate and give thanks for the bounty, to take a minute out of our busy schedules to take stock (hee hee) of the important things in life, like food, family, friends, all that good warm and fuzzy stuff.  And although venison is not gracing my Thanksgiving table, like I had hoped for this year, I really can’t complain, because one of these guys is.

Photo Courtesy of Homestead Hatchery

It is a Standard Bronze Heritage Turkey that we got from Applecheek Farm and it is going to be getting a high heat, maple butter infused treatment in a few hours. I am thankful to this turkey for feeding my family for many meals to come. In a later post I will talk about having a truly local Thanksgiving to really get in touch with that harvest festival feel.

This year I wanted to stop and take a moment to give thanks for all the many blessings we have received this year. Most notably, moving to this beautiful part of the world, and beginning a life of purpose, living close to the land and its many creatures that feed us in one way or another. I am thankful for family and friends, new and old, a special reunion with my biological sister Myia, who I was able to meet less than 2 weeks ago. I am thankful for our animals that make life so fun – our indoor furry friends,  and our outdoor feathered friends.

I hope that all of my readers have a wonderful day today, whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, enjoying this day and all the blessings it brings.