I have been sitting on a very big secret for a while now, but I am excited to be able to reveal it to you today!  One of my very favorite recipes, the new and improved version of something that I eat nearly every single day of my life, will be featured in a fantastic new cookbook – ThinkFood. I can’t tell you what the recipe is yet, you’ll have to be surprised. I will tell you though that my brain healthy food is the incredible edible egg.


I adore eggs. In our household we eat about 12-14 eggs a week, for breakfast (and sometimes dinner), in baking, desserts and ice cream making! We love eggs so much, and believe that they are such a quick, inexpensive, versatile and substantial form of nutrition, that we got our own flock of layers to keep us in eggs for a very long time. I will be posting soon about another egg variety I was able to sample recently! Like I said, eggs are an incredibly good source of healthy fat and protein. Both things every brain loves.

Thinkfood is a cookbook featuring 50 delicious, original, brain-healthy recipes, each created by a different food blogger. You can sign up for the Recipe of the Week program to receive  and preview a tasty new recipe from the cookbook. It will be delivered to your inbox every week—free! With each recipe, you will receive information about the blogger who created the recipe, with exclusive cooking tips, and information about the science behind the brain healthy foods and nutrients in the recipe!

A physical version of the cookbook with all 50 recipes and beautiful, full page photographs, will be available for purchase at the end of July!


ThinkFood is a cookbook sponsored and published by Posit Science and features 50 brain-healthy recipes from bloggers around the globe, including snacks, appetizers, sides and salads, main course and desserts.

The goal of this project is to take an integrated approach to brain health that includes brain training and brain healthy eating. Brain health and health in general are subjects that I am very passionate about. There are very few people today who are not affected by brain diseases and issues, either by having them, themselves or knowing someone that does. My dear Nana  lost her battle with Alzheimer’s disease, over 10 years ago, and I am dedicating my participation in this project to her memory.


My cousin Michelle w/ my Pap-pap and me with Nana.

So please sign up for the Recipe of the Week Program and you will start receiving delicious brain healthy dishes. I think we could all feed our brains a little better.  Each blogger and their recipe will be featured over the next 50 weeks. I will be sure to let everyone know as the date for my recipe to be featured approaches!