I am excited to see growing things popping up everywhere! It is amazing to be seeing the beginnings of the fruits of our labors thus far!


From the top, left to right: apricot tree, chestnut tree, yellow raspberry bush, wild strawberries, currants

Bottom, right to left: elderberry bush, Roberto planting the first potato, (top)potato and bean field (75 feet of each), (bottom)blueberry flowers, lettuces, Jenn playing in the trenches

And the peeps? Growing by leaps and bounds in just their first week of life! We already had to upgrade their living quarters!

The Flock_collage_600

Top, from left to right: Peeps new digs, peeps at one week old, (top) peeps, (bottom) Rhode Island Red eating her first mosquito – GOOD GIRL!

Bottom, from left to right: Not our chicks, but our resident birds bundles of fluffy joy, Arwen – the fastest developer, she may be a he, and if so shall be re-named Elrond, (top) a Barred Rock at one week, (bottom)Penguino a Silver Laced Wyandotte at one week, a Rhode Island Red looking pretty!

Hope everyone has a great weekend doing whatever you love to do best!