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Smash and Sniff

I love this blog, because it is co-authored by two cousins Ashley and Jiffer. They live on two different continents, Ashley in Mexico and Jiffer, in Germany, but they have a great time connecting through this funny and delightful food blog! I have a very special cousin too, who I love spending time with, and who I have spent a lot of time being goofy with (as these two seem to have, as well!). So this blog warmed my heart in one way, but also because this really exemplifies how food bloggers, no matter where we are in the world, can really share so much together through the internet – foraging bonds and relationships and sharing a meal together in unconventional ways.

La Faim (The Hunger)

This is a culinary manifesto from the Pacific Northwest. Written by Violet. She says: β€œI’ve been cooking since I was old enough to hold a wooden spoon and my favorite food memory is sitting in front of the television with my grandfather when I was little, watching Death Wish, and eating Spanish pickled mussels out of a can. I am a graduate of The Seattle Culinary Academy at SCCC. My cooking style is Spanish soul food.” Her blog has really nice photos and really good looking food! Enjoy!

Inspired Taste

This blog is written by Joanne and Adam. Joanne has always had a dream of writing her own cookbook, and so in lieu of that, Adam introduced her to the world of blogging. Much like my husband did for me! That inspired her to build her repertoire of recipes, and look for new inspiration, daily. Adam enjoys his perk as food tester, but more importantly he says he enjoys that they have found something they can work on together, just for fun!


I really like the word shindig! I also like celebrating with food. I always say that everyday is a good reason to celebrate something, and that food is always a celebratory event. Well this blogger, Elizabeth seems to feel the same way! Here is the inspiration behind her blog: β€œ[it is a] blog dedicated to celebrating. Anytime. Anywhere. Here you will find recipes and menus for celebratory events, gift ideas, decorating tips and advice on proper gift-giving etiquette. With just a little thought, you can find a reason to celebrate every day of the year!” So go on and celebrate!

Kitchen Diary

This blog is written by Shannon in California. Her blog is full of wonderful and delicious pictures and recipes that celebrate the fresh produce of her state through her CSA membership and famers markets. Her blog is fairly new, started this past summer. She started this blog, because like all of us, she is obsessed with food, and blogging is a way for her to attempt to organize β€œthe chaos that swims in my mind”. She also has this to say about her obsessions: β€œwould include,but are not limited to, cooking for friends, drinking espresso (not starbucks!),butter,anything with the consistency of salsa, thinking about food way too much…”. Sounds good to me!

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