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Sidewalk Shoes

I have been reading Pam’s blog for a long time! Again, another blog I could have sworn I had already featured! Another testament to the fact that I need help by being reminded of all the great blogs you read regularly! Anyway, Pam is always delighting her readers with beautiful photos – either of food, her handicraft or her beautiful garden. She is always up to something creative and I love to see what is going on every week. She is also an avid reader, and often cooks up treats that go well with a nice pot of tea and a good book.

Lowbrow Foodie

This is a fairly new blog to both The Foodie Blogroll and the blogosphere in general, starting back in June of this year. But already the author, Ruthy, has a real style to her blog! Her writing is fun to read, and enthusiastic and her food looks great! She says: “I have no formal training, nor an extensive amount of skill in the kitchen, but I really enjoy mixing a bunch of ingredients together and seeing what happens. So this is for those of us who love good food, wish we had wallets to match our sophisticated palates, enjoy cooking, eating out and occasionally use the microwave (I know…oh, the horror!) Bon Appetite!”

Blog Appetit

Cooking local. Eating Global. This blogger has been writing since 2005! What is their blog about? : “Am I a home cook with higher aspirations or a foodie who also appreciates that sometimes simpler is better? I don’t know, but I do know I like to share what I cook and what I know. I’ve been a writer, journalist, public relations professional and marketing consultant. I like to travel and I ALWAYS have an opinion or at least a point of view.” After attending the BlogHer conference in SF, FJK is going to be making some changes: “Look for more narrative and story telling posts as I work to find a voice and blog post format that reflects that. I also hope to refine and define my photographs visual style to help tell that story.” We look forward to the evolving! 🙂

Recipe Addict

Carla is a fairly recent member of The Foodie Blogroll. She had some questions for me recently, and that is how I came to re-discover her blog! She says on her blog that she has a vast collection of cookbooks (very old and new) and never passes up a magazine dedicated to cooking and recipes.She says she will try any recipe at least once and if it is a hit, it will be added to her repertoire of “make again” recipes. Her husband Michael is also good in the kitchen, and cooks “off the cuff” from whatever is in their pantry, freezer and fridge, but never writes down the recipe to replicate! Sounds a lot like how I am in the kitchen! 🙂

A Love For New Recipes

Another Pam! This Pam really enjoys living a healthy lifestyle. I like going to her blog, because she is always featuring a good and healthy product – many of which I would really like to try! Everything from green smoothies, to larabars and nuts. She also enjoys baking up healthy treats for her and her husband. Her very first post was about the book Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a day, one of my favorites. Pam always has a kind word to say!

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