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Two Peas and Their Pod

This blog is by “The Cooking Couple” Maria and Josh. They like tasty and delicious food, are not fans of fast food or chain restaurants. They believe if you can make it better at home, why eat out? I have to agree with that. Maria says: “We are a great team in the kitchen. We love trying new recipes, techniques, and flavors. We try to keep it healthy, but of course we have to splurge once in awhile.” Don’t we all?! Maria is also a really good Twitter buddy of mine, so be sure to check out their blog to find out how you can follow them on Twitter, too.

Burp! Where Food Happens

I really love Lo and Peef’s blog! They has a great sense of humor, and their food is always really yummy. Burp! Is the name of their imaginary restaurant that they came up with one night, and this dream became the inspiration for their blog. This is how they describe their food philosophy: “We’re two hopeless food geeks who harbor a genuine love for delicious (sustainable) edibles. We’re not fancy, or fussy. But, we do love to create new and wonderful things in the kitchen. We keep the dream of BURP! alive through daily experimentation, and we share our successes (and failures) with you.”

The Feast Within

This blog is written by Gabi who comes from a long line of cooks! At the tender age 14, after years of experience making mud pies and easy bake oven treats, she began her real cooking career. She devoured her mom’s Larousse Gastronomique French Encyclopedia of Cooking looking for recipes. After baking some croissants and making Coq Au Vin and she was hooked! She says: “I’m sure I now own well over 300 cookbooks -(including one of my family’s recipes that my mom put together about 20 years ago and all its various reformations.) I never get enough- I devour them like novels.” She blogs because of how much inspiration she has received from the blogging community, and hopes to give a little back! Isn’t that a great inspiration?

Cafe Nilson

Raquel who writes Cafe Nilson is all over the place! She is a regular Jouster in The Royal Foodie Joust and has been featured on Foodbuzz’s 24,24,24 several times. Her blog is her online cookbook. It contains her collection of recipes from places they have lived in and visited, shared by friends and family and fellow foodies on the internet. So she invites you to grab your favorite table and enjoy a cup of coffee in her online cafe!

Laws of the Kitchen

Cakelaw writes the story of her life, through her food adventures. She is an Aussie lawyer who loves to cook. She started her blog back in 2007 to share her efforts in the kitchen with those who would like to hear them. She says: “cooking evokes fond memories of my childhood and allows me to connect with my heritage by using the same recipes that my mother and grandmother used”. There is a blog focus on baking, but other culinary treats can be found as well!

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