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Milk & Honey

This blog is written by The Milkman’s Wife – a nod to her husband’s dairy farm upbringing. This blog is the food journey of a suburban girl turned “country guy’s wife”. She says:  “ To me, food and life are so intertwined, they simply can’t be separated. Food brings back happy memories, keeps the spirit of those who have passed alive, and starts new traditions. Inside this blog, you’ll find the real stories behind the food I make and you’ll learn a little about me in the process.”

Sour Grapes

Michael Elliott is a classically trained chef who has worked with food since the age of 13 as an apprentice to Chef Susur Lee in Toronto. After completing his BFA in Art History and Studio Art at Concordia University in Montreal, he continued to work as a chef in some of the city’s best restaurants. In 2002 he began his career as a food stylist working on the popular French language cooking show “A la Di Stasio”. Since then, he has worked as a stylist, recipe developer, and writer in both North America and Asia. He has experience in television, film, and print media. This blog is his take on all things food – from recipes, restaurant reviews and food styling.


Everything Italian Tastes Better.” This blog is all about the simple, fresh and regional cooking of Italian cuisine. Also discussed at length on the about page is Italian- American cuisine, and how it is so different that what is eaten in Italy, regionally. This is a topic I have always been interested in, since it is the cuisine of my relatives and ancestors. Immigrant food, is a wonderfully diverse topic. This blog shows you traditional Italian cuisine, where it comes from and how it changes as the people change.

Kitchen Butterfly

The butterfly is Nigerian-born, Liverpool-schooled (in part) and now an expatriate living and working in the Netherlands. This now foodie, hated food until she was 9 years old! To read about the day that changed it all, see her about page.  Why Butterfly? : “I am flighty. I am constantly seeking…. content with my life but still in search of more. I am big on combinations – cross-pollinating and cross-fertilisation. I’m big on flavours and textures. I love pretty. And colour.”

I Ate That

Ben blogs so he can combine his two favorite things – food and photography. He has a wide variety of interests, but his love for food and cooking has never waned. He started taking photos of the food he and his wife would make, and these pho­tos would make their way onto the inter­net, where friends would make encour­ag­ing state­ments of jeal­ousy and drool; thus, I Ate That! was born!

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