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Memorie di Angelina

This blog is written by Frank who is lawyer by day, cook by night. This food blog is inspired by the wonderful home cooking of his Italian grandmother. You’ll find her recipes there, plus some of his favorite dishes from other parts of Italy, especially Rome, where he has lived for ten years!

Tiny Urban Kitchen

This is a beautiful blog with nice photos and great food. Jen cooks in her tiny urban kitchen in her tiny urban condo near Boston. She is a research chemist and at home, she loves experimenting in the kitchen and coming up with fun, new creative ways to cook.

Chat & Chew

Ali is a magazine consultant by day and fights hunger by night. After an unsuccessful journey through culinary school she is now getting a “formal culinary education from the world…wide web.” She recently made Giada De Laurentiis’ Espresso Caramel Bars. The adult version of a Twix. Yum.

The English Kitchen

This is blog that de-bunks the myths of English Cookery one recipe at a time. I definitely love learning more about cuisines around the world, and one cuisine I love learning more about is English food. I still swear that the English have some of the best desserts in the world, but despite rumors to the opposite, there are also really good meals to be had as well. Learn more about English cooking here!

Two Hungry Pandas

I picked this blog to feature this week in honor of my step-daughter Gwen, who loves Pandas! These Pandas are named Wesley and Evelina–two hungry pandas chowing their way through the San Gabriel Valley and beyond. They do mostly restaurant reviews, and their photos are superb.

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