The Royal Foodie Joust is an awesome and fun monthly peer voted competition that is hosted on The LeftoverQueen/FoodieBlogroll Forum! It gets better each and every month as the competition gets stiffer and more creative, as Jousters try to outdo each other! It is also one of the friendliest competitions I have ever seen. So please don’t be intimidated to come and join us this month in another round!

We don’t bite, unless of course there is real food in our faces ;)

The only rules for the competition is that each Jouster create only one dish and each entry must feature three ingredients in common.

This competition has been referred to many times as the “Iron Chef” of the Food Blogosphere. Each month’s ingredients are chosen by the previous month’s Best Overall Entry winner. The Best Overall winner of each Joust not only wins the Queen’s favor, bragging rights and a cool icon to put on their blog, but is also awarded with a super awesome Royal Foodie Joust Apron! There are also prizes for the winners of the other two categories: Best Photo and Most Unique Interpretation

So what are you waiting for? Come over and join us this month!

If you would like to participate in this month’s Joust, be sure to submit your entry by 12 NOON, Eastern Standard USA time on the First of the following Month (Sept. 1, 2009)!

If you have an idea you would like to share about how to make the Joust a better community event, please join us in discussing it here.

Now onto the winners of this month’s event. The ingredients for this month were chosen by last month’s Best Overall winner, Betherann from Kitchen Courage who has been a regular Jouster for quite some time, and is currently training for her first trialthalon! The ingredients she chose were Banana, Honey and Tumeric. These ingredients were a little on the exotic side for some Jousters, but isn’t that what the Joust is all about, getting creative? What better way to get creative then by working with some new ingredients and combinations?! As a result, we had a lot of very interesting entries! But there can only be one winner in each category, and each month making that call gets harder! Onto those winning entries now!

The winner in the Best Overall Category is Raquel from Cafe Nilson with her Spicy Banana Zucchini Balls.


I am happy to admit that she got my vote! I thought that her creative use of ingredients, to make something that would be really delicious and original was spot on. Congratulations Raquel! I hope you enjoy your apron! 🙂

The next category was for The Best Photo! As we all know food photography is a major skill for food bloggers, and so in this category your photo has to be good enough to eat. In this case, it was decided that the entry that most fit that category is Sweet Banana Curry Shrimp by LK from Healthy.Delicious.


Her multi-layered dish really looked good! Perfect for fresh summer eating!

The final Joust category to be voted on is Most Unique Interpretation of the ingredients. This is where people can really get in touch with wild creativity and try something new. Rob aka gfron1 from The Curious Blogquat won this category with a Pacific Martini.


If you have never visited The Curious Blogquat, I will tell you that it features a lot of interesting food ideas and techniques, inspired by molecular gastronomy. So you can guess that this recipe was rather intricate, indeed, and a wonderful summer cocktail!

Thanks again to all the participants for another great Joust! :)

If you would like to see all the entries please check them out here!


Now for this month’s ingredients. Racquel has chosen another set of really interesting ingredients:

Papaya (ripe or green)

I know these ingredients may be a challenge for some of you, put I do suggest to take this as an opportunity to really take your cooking skills to another level  and just have FUN! So please join us here !