Everyone knows how much I love sushi. Well, my youngest step-daughter Gwen is absolutely obsessed with all things Japanese (including culture, language, manga and anime), and with that love for Japanese culture comes an enormous love for sushi. It is her all time favorite food. You wouldn’t believe how much of it she can stuff into her little body!

So a few months back when I got some sushi rice from Koda Farms through I knew I had to save the sushi rice for this summer when Gwen and her sister Rachel would be here, so we could have a make your own sushi party!


We made an event of it by going first to the grocery store together to get some of the supplies. Then we headed to the local fish market to get some more goodies. We made the rice first, so that is would have time to cool off. Then while that was cooking, we prepared our fillings – tempura shrimp, fake crab (which is not fake food- as it is made from whitefish, so therefore, not crab…hence the name…), spicy fresh sea scallops, avocado, cucumber, carrots and scallions. We also made spicy mayo (Thanks Dharm for the Sambal Belacan!!!!)  and both toasted and black sesame seeds.


Back when I taught at the cooking school, during the summer we had a camp program for kids, and we made a lot of sushi and it was a lot of fun! So since I already knew how to make the maki rolls, it was pretty easy, just a few quick pointers and everyone was off rolling! There are a lot of detailed, and step by step instructions online for how to roll maki, so I will not cover that here.


Needless to say we made A LOT of sushi. There were 4 of us rolling, and I think it is safe to say we each made at least 4-5 rolls each….and we ate every last piece too…Gwen is proud that she ate at least half of the tray! 🙂 What can I say, she loves her sushi!

* I will add that per lo’s comment, making sushi is WAAAAY cheaper than going out for sushi. You need very little fish – we used 1/2 package of fake crab, 6 jumbo shrimp and 1/4 pound of sea scallops to feed the 4 of us (really OVER feed the 4 of us!). Not much by way of veggies either, because everything is sliced so thin!  Good question lo!