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Stir, Laugh, Repeat
I am featuring Martha’s blog this week, as a way to set you all up for another fantastic giveaway we will be doing on Foodieblogroll.com. Martha has a book (same title as her blog) and we will be giving away 4 copies over the month of June (one per week). The recipes in in her book Stir, Laugh, Repeat are all tested by 24 “Food Testers”. They would rate each dish from 1-10 and only those scoring at least an 8 made it to the book. Her blog is a “holding place” for all the recipes in her 2nd book Stir, Laugh, Repeat… Again.

David Hall: Book The Cook

David has launched a new blog, and with it a new vision. His love for simple and honest food has inspired him to teach people about food through educational food demonstrations. His blog is another outlet for teaching. I am not sure if that is his sole purpose, but I know I learn a lot whenever I visit! David is also another big promoter of eating locally and seasonally, and, his latest post on this subject is a slightly different look at eating seasonally, and very well thought out.

Hip Organic Mama
This is a totally awesome blog, that I can see myself visiting a lot at a later point in my life. It is written by Annie who is a mother to four healthy children. She has spent years researching all the contradictory information out there about controversies that impact our health, our food, and our planet and decipher that information into easy steps we can take to make a difference. Her blog is a wealth of information for anyone who has an interest in knowing where their food comes from, how to eat healthy on a budget, or healthy family friendly recipes.

Confessions of a Tart
Irene started this blog as a way to motivate herself to live up to a New Year’s Resolution in 2008 to eat more healthy and local foods. She has always loved baking, and then from baking she also discovered a love for cooking, when she got married – she needed to feed her new husband more than challah bread and chocolate chip cookies, right? Irene admires cooks and chefs that make complicated and intricate recipes, but she loves cooking simple meals filled with comfort, laughter and love. She says on her blog: “ The most satisfying thing about blogging has been meeting all the impossibly kind, brilliant, generous people who are part of the food community. If you are reading this blog and are feeling friendly, drop me a line and say hello. I would love to hear from you!”
So please be sure to drop her a line!

Give Recipe

I love the philosophy behind this blog. Zerrin, the author is from Turkey and she believes that you can learn a lot about a person’s character by what they eat. Her blog mainly focuses on Turkish cuisine (one of my favorites) and she feels that you can multiply your happiness by sharing. So she uses her blog to share her recipes with everyone, the world over. She has everything from appetizers, mains, desserts and even jams, drinks and pastries.

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