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Sara’s Kitchen
I have been following Sara’s blog for quite a while, and it is one of those blogs that I can’t believe I haven’t featured before. Her blog is all about creating new recipes, and also trying recipes from her 60+ cookbooks. There is something yummy on this blog for everyone! Sara is also a huge Michael Chiarello fan (I am too!), and actually got to meet him! Her dishes always look so fresh and colorful and her photography is drool worthy!

Thai Cooking with Jam
Jam was born in Bangkok, Thailand and after graduating from University worked as an editor for an English Magazine in Thailand. She then moved to Austin, TX to continue her studies by getting a masters in Communication studies from the University of Texas at Austin . It was in Austin that she began cooking Thai food for people, and discovered her passion for cooking and teaching – and let me tell you, she is good! Her food all looks delicious and her photos are so warm and inviting. Jam is living the good life in Austin, and you can join her on her blog!

This is a blog that has evolved – it started off as a way for Soma, the author to share the recipes she cooks up for her lovely family, into a family run blog, with all members actively involved! The children are involved as inspiration and food critics and even have a budding interest in photography, and her husband helps with photography and also teams up with Soma to cook meals together! It really is a beautiful blog, with lots of colorful photos and food!

The Spiced Life
This blog is written by Laura, a SAHM who has always loved to cook, but discovered a passion for baking after she became a mom! She says that nothing expresses love better than a plate of fresh baked cookies. She loves cuisines with a lot of spice, like Mexico, SE Asia and India. You can find these recipes as well as a variety of lovely baked goods on this blog!

The Food Addicts
This blog is written by Krissy & Daniel who love to cook and eat. Daniel is a professionally trained chef, and Krissy just loves to cook! They love to share their experiences with food, both written and visual and also do reviews of restaurants in the LA area where they are based.

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