You may have noticed that the widget has been updated to include FOUR giveaways this month. This is exciting on a number of levels – 1) we are getting more and more people and companies interested in doing giveaways through The Foodie Blogroll 2) This month 3 out of 4 giveaways are available to all members of The Foodie Blogroll, regardless of location. 3) 3 out of 4 giveaways are being sponsored by members of The Foodie Blogroll!

Having giveaways that come directly from people who are bloggers and members of the Foodie Blogroll is very cool! We are always happy to promote our fellow members and food bloggers! So if you have a food related product that you would like to promote by doing a giveaway with us, please contact us at support(at)!

We have two really cool books to give away, Becoming Whole by Megg Wolff who blogs at Becoming Whole and Secrets from My Tuscan Kitchen :: Divina Cucina by Judy Witts Francini who blogs at Over a Tuscan Stove


Becoming Whole is Meg’s first book about how she battled breast cancer by changing her diet and bringing her body into balance and back to health. It is an inspirational read for anyone, and includes many of her favorite healthy recipes and meal plans for starting your own journey to healthy eating.

We will be giving away a total of 4 books, one each week of May, and this giveaway is open to anyone who is a member of The Foodie Blogroll, regardless of location.


Judy’s cookbook, Secrets from My Tuscan Kitchen is a collection of 93 of her most favorite Tuscan recipes. For 25 years, Judy has shared her knowledge of Italian cuisine and culinary history with fellow food lovers in and around Florence. She’s lived in Florence among food experts and foodies, exchanging ideas and recipes, and developed her own style, one that is easy-going and entertaining. And all recipes are Tuscan husband approved!

We will be giving away a total of 4 books, one each week of May, and this giveaway is open to anyone who is a member of The Foodie Blogroll, regardless of location.


To sweeten things up this month, we are also featuring a giveaway of Chocolate and Licorice treats from Andrea of Licorice, Chocolate and other foods to love . She is celebrating the 11th anniversary of her store Marina Market and doing this giveaway as a way to celebrate! How nice is that?
You will not want to miss a chance to win a packaged filled with goodies like: Raspberry Licorice Logs, Raspberry Chocolate Log, natural licorice and a licorice lollipop! Trust me, even if you don’t think you like licorice, you will love these tasty treats. We did a tasting of them at my house with several people who “don’t like licorice” and they really enjoyed these treats from Marina Market.

We will be giving away 4 of these goodie bags, one per week for the month of May. This giveaway is open to anyone who is a member of The Foodie Blogroll, regardless of location.


We also have an exciting giveaway linked with an awesome contest! I am sure that most of you have heard of Steven Raichlen , writer of “The Barbecue! Bible“. He has since become America’s most revered and trusted grilling guru, working each year to inspire and innovate, pushing culinary boundaries and documenting his adventures in his best-selling books, at his Barbecue University, and on his PBS show, Primal Grill. This year, however, Steven is turning the tables—challenging America to show him something he has never seen before on the barbecue trail. Steven Raichlen’s Ultimate Grilling Recipe Contest is looking to you, fellow foodies, to come up with the next big grilling idea. And Steven, along with the Workman Publishing family, can’t wait to see what barbecue buffs around the country come up with. Starting April 27, you can visit to read the contest details and submit your recipes, photos, and/or videos. For terms and conditions, please read them here.

On Labor Day weekend, Steven will deem one lucky winner “America’s Next Ultimate Griller” and present him or her with the grand prize: an all-expense-paid trip to Barbecue University at the Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

To entice all you foodies to submit a recipe, the folks at Workman Publishing are giving away
10 T-shirts to Foodie Blogroll members! So fire up your grill, tie on that apron, and get to work!
This t-shirt giveaway is available to those residing in the USA since “America’s Next Ultimate Griller” is a US based contest.