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Bake and Destroy

Bake and Destroy has a new website! If you weren’t familiar with Natalie’s old blog, then you certainly want to acquaint yourself with her new one! She is an amazing baker creating unique and delicious cupcakes, does tutorials on DIY cupcake toppers (you gotta see ’em to believe ’em), has her own store of Bake and Destroy products. She is also way into aprons, and is always searching for The Next Great Apron. So there are many reasons to check this lady out! Here is a great quote from her about page: β€œMy mom and my bosses at the bakery taught me a lot about the science of baking, but punk rock taught me to make it my own …The world is your cupcake, dudes! So make it rad.”

Cupcakes Take the Cake
Since we are on the subject of cupcakes, we have to talk about the ladies at Cupcakes Take the Cake. Here you will find everything and anything you ever wanted to know about cupcakes. It is the perfect site for all things cupcake related – recipes, design, cupcake events – like socials, and TV programs, and also where to get some of the best cupcakes, even a list of cupcake mail order! This is a blog for everyone that loves cupcakes! So go see these ladies and they will point you in the right direction for all your cupcake needs!

Gina’s Weight Watcher Recipes
Let’s transition a bit from cupcakes to healthy eating! I wanted to feature Gina’s blog today because Spring is now in full swing, which means that many of us are starting to think towards those warm days of summer, beaches, and swimsuits! With a blog like Gina’s you can enjoy delicious and flavorful food, while still watching your caloric and fat intake – it is like the best of both worlds, and you can bet, I will be scouring her blog for meal ideas in the coming weeks! Like this Portuguese Seafood Stew and these β€œLighter” Buffalo Wings !

Bread + Butter
This blog is written by a filmmaker and entrepreneur, who enjoys the simple things in life. There are so many yummy recipes on this blog that it is hard to find something that I don’t want to make. Not only that, but the photography is so bright and crisp that it really adds to making the food really come to life. I really enjoyed her recent post about Gigi’s Farmers Market. Jenn is fairly new to the blogging world, but we are glad to have her in our community!

Heather’s blog is one that I have just recently started reading. Not only is she an avid cook but she is also a bookworm! For me, those are two of my greatest passions as well! She loves to explore the world taste by taste and morsel by morsel! I really enjoyed her recent posts about making root beer and root beer floats with her son and about watching her husband cook.
So please stop by and say hi! This is one blog where you will feel at home!

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