The Royal Foodie Joust is an awesome and fun monthly peer voted competition that is hosted on
The LeftoverQueen/FoodieBlogroll Forum! It gets better each and every month as the competition gets stiffer as Jousters try to outdo each other every month! It is also one of the friendliest competitions I have ever seen. So please don’t be intimidated to come and join us this month!

We don’t bite, unless of course there is real food in our faces 😀

The only rules for the competition is that each Jouster create one dish and each entry must feature three ingredients in common. This competition has been referred to many times as the “Iron Chef” of the Food Blogosphere. Each month’s ingredients are chosen by the previous month’s winner. The winner of each Joust not only wins the Queen’s favor, bragging rights and a cool icon to put on their blog, but is also awarded with a super awesome Royal Foodie Joust apron!

So what are you waiting for? Come over and join us this month!

In case you have not joined us since the new year, we have made some changes to the way the Joust is run. We got a lot of feedback over the past few months on how the Royal Foodie Joust is run. The biggest problem was that people were having trouble picking just ONE favorite and wished for various categories to vote on.

So we decided to have a vote for 3 different categories: Best Overall, Best Photo and Most Unique Interpretation of the ingredients. The winner for best overall will win a Royal Foodie Joust Apron, and chose the next month’s ingredients. The winners for the Best Photo and Most Unique Interpretation will receive a Royal Foodie Joust Mug! 🙂

We have also changed the posting time to be 12 NOON, Eastern Standard USA time on the First of the Month. However, for this month only the post by date will be April 3, 2009 by 12 NOON, Eastern Standard USA time. So please join us!!!!

If you have an idea you would like to share about how to make the Joust a better community event, please join us in discussing it here!

Now onto the winner of this month’s event. The ingredients for this month were:

Satsuma (or any other orange citrus) – zest, fruit or juice
Edible Flowers

This month’s choice of ingredients were chosen by the previous month’s overall winner, Angela, from Spinach Tiger who was inspired by the coming of Spring with her choice.

These ingredients spurred a lot of conversations and really got everyone into creative mode. I must admit although I was worried about participation, this turned out to be one of the best Jousts ever! So many clever ideas and uses. It really was amazing!

The winner of the Best Overall Entry category is Natasha from 5 Star Foodie with her Grilled Scallops with Flower Foam Watercress Salad and Orange Shallot Vinaigrette!


Doesn’t that look amazing??? Love all the colors – those grill marks on the scallops look beautiful!

The winner for Best Photo is Ben from What’s Cooking? with his Pumpkin Blossom and Blood Orange Chicken Dish!


Those blood oranges really POP in that photo! No wonder it won with such a lead!

The winner for Most Unique Interpretation of the ingredients is Toontz from Okara Mountain with her Shallot Sugar Crisps with Tangerine Zinger Ice Milk !


I would certainly like to try a dish of that – because I just can’t wrap my head around Shallot Ginger Crisps!

Thanks to all the participants! 🙂

This month’s ingredients are:
Asparagus (white or green)

Please be sure to post your entries here!