(must love dogs)

Well, even though I officially bowed out of the fabulous group Daring Baker’s last month, I was happy to have the oppurtunity to do two things I had always wanted to with this month’s challenge:

1) Make a flour-less chocolate cake
2) Do a DB challenge with my good friend, and fellow blogger, Judy from No Fear Entertaining. You can find the recipe and whole story over on her blog.


Judy and I have talked for a long time about doing a DB challenge together, since we live in the same state and have so much fun with the challenges. So since Roberto and I went to visit her and her wonderful family during February, we decided to do the DB challenge as a dessert for a dinner party.

I am glad that I was able to do this challenge also because it was hosted by my other very good blogging friend Dharm and his DB partner for this month, Wendy.

So what can I say about this challenge? I absolutely loved it. It was a wonderful change of pace from some of the most recent DB challenges, and the cake was so delicious. Something I would make again, in a heart beat.


It required very few ingredients, not many steps, and was not time consuming. The taste was fabulous. We used a combo of bittersweet and dark chocolate – but you can really use any kind you want!

So thanks Dharm, Wendy and Judy for making this such a great challenge.

***Just for the record, I am not leaving the DBs because of any displeasure on my part. This is an awesome group, who really helped me get over my fear of baking – both bread and pastry! So I really enjoyed my year as a DB. It has just come time for me to challenge myself in other areas this year. As with any adventure, things change as you learn more, so this year with the upcoming launch of my new website (maybe April or May) I will explain the journey of this blog up until this point and where I am headed with my adventures in food!