Rachel of Crispy Cook, Johanna of Food Junkie, not Junk Food, and Deb of Kahakai
started a bimonthly foodie book club called Cook the Books , where participating bloggers all read a designated book, cook up an inspirational recipe and then blog about it. The winners receive a cool badge for their blog, get added to the Cook the Books blogroll and get a book from Rachel’s used bookstore!!!

The really cool thing about the event is that is has gotten the acknowledgment of the authors of the books that have been read already. “La Cucina”, a bawdy foodie novel by Lily Prior featuring Sicilian cuisine and Diana Abu-Jaber’s memoir about growing up in a Arab-American family “The Language of Baklava” – to the point where the authors for the last two events chose the winner, themselves!!!

Johanna of Food Junkie, Not Junk Food, in Athens, Greece, is the current host of Cook the Books and has just picked her selection:

Kitchen Confidential by Tony Bourdain. How cool would it be if they got Tony Bourdain to chose the winner!!!

Participants are asked to read the book, cook something up “Bourdainish” or otherwise inspired by the book and then blog about it by April 25.