I am really excited to present to Foodie Blogroll members this awesome giveaway we are doing with in conjunction with in March and April. The giveaway winners will be able to choose any ONE product from their website ( at a cap of $50!!!!! How cool is that?

Also, as an incentive for others, you can get 10% off your order cost, just by filling out a simple survey at checkout! is an amazing company that I can really get behind.
Here is their philosophy:

Two generations ago, milk and eggs were delivered to the home.
Our grandparents either grew their own produce, or knew the
farmer who did.™ is bringing home delivery
back, full circle. We work with the same family farms on which
the very foundation of this country was built. We believe in
knowing the people behind the products. And supporting the
people who produce the very best.
Each and every commodity in our store has a family story behind it,
stories that our generation has either forgotten, or never known.
We believe it is time to rekindle that relationship with the families
who are feeding our world.
It is time, once again, to do business together.

The beauty of the philosophy is that if you want to purchase products that are more local to you, you can. If you want to expand your search, and explore a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, organics and gourmet foods, even meats and cheeses, that is open to you as well. But in any case, you know the products you are getting are top quality and from American farmers. I can attest to this because they sent me boxes and boxes of products all week so that I could get an idea of what they have available. I was really impressed with the quality, the information and the company. And receiving all these goodies, I was very inspired to cook! Which is wonderful!

From their website:

“One of the joys of shopping at farmers markets is getting to know the grower who carefully nurtures, then hand-picks and packs those luscious peaches, tree-ripened pears and colorful heirloom tomatoes. These growers sell their products with pride and most often include a few tips about how to store and prepare their beloved items. You leave satisfied knowing you’ve purchased fresh, nutritious products picked at their peak of flavor and ripeness, and that you’ve helped support your community farmers – all at the convenience of being in your own home. was designed to mirror the flavor, quality, service and grower commitment found at traditional farmers markets. We at both come from several generations of family farmers, so we know what freshness and quality tastes and looks like. What’s more, we use our decades of experience in produce buying, shipping and inspecting to search out top growers who can provide the finest items available throughout the country.”

To learn more about’s Growers, click here

Bloggers are urged to sign up for their newsletter (on the home page) to be included in their monthly e-newsletter and e-mails for specials (ie: flowers for Valentine’s Day, Avocados for Super Bowl, etc…)

Here is how the contest works. To be eligible, you must reside within the continental USA and you must be an active member of The Foodie Blogroll. All current active Foodie Blogroll members are automatically enrolled in the contest. A random winner will be chosen every other week, for a total of 8 weeks (meaning 4 prizes will be given out). That’s it, nice and simple. 🙂

Here is some additional incentives for Food Bloggers:
* There is a 5 question survey offered at checkout which entitles the user to a 10% discount upon completion
* is also looking to get the word out about their unique site and product – anyone who is interested in advertising revenue is welcome to contact Christy Farris

Please look forward to the following recipes in the next week featuring these fabulous products:

* Simple Tomato Salad featuring Santa Sweet Grape tomatoes and Ugly Ripe Heirloom variety tomatoes


* Washington Pears from EW Brandt & Sons – Wine Poached Pears using Blackberry Cream Honey from Honey Ridge Farms


* Balsamic Strawberries over ice cream using Balsamic Honey Vinegar and Clover Honey Creme from Honey Ridge Farms


* Roasted Chicken (in a Tagine) with Fennel rubbed with Sun-dried Tomato and Basil Olive oil from Sierra Olive Oils and Garlic Dip Seasoning Blend