I love my new Le Creuset Tagine (in lime green). Roberto got it for me over the Winter Holidays, and I have found many uses for it beyond just making Tagine. For example, I roast all my chickens in it. They come out perfect, with the meat falling right off the bone. But I will save that for another post…

I had several steaks in the freezer and some fresh Brussels sprouts and root veggies from the farmers market. I was going to cook the steaks up in my cast iron skillet, but decided instead to see what would happen in the tagine. Now most of you will want to kill me when I tell you that the cut of meat that I threw in the tagine was filet mignon. But in my defense, I really prefer a flank or skirt steak to filet. So sue me…

So here’s what I did, I took all my veggies that I had cut into nice chunks (left the sprouts whole), and threw them in the tagine. I liberally drizzled extra virgin olive oil and apple cider vinegar on top, then added some sun dried tomatoes and some salt and pepper. I mixed it around. The steaks I rubbed with sea salt, pepper and coriander and placed them on top of the massive pile of veggies. Then I poured just a quick line each of Worcestershire sauce and dijon mustard on top of each steak, put the lid on and threw it in a 400 F oven. After half and hour, I took the lid off and stirred everything around. Moving the steaks towards the bottom of the pan. Then I cooked it for another hour. When it came out of the oven, the meat was so tender I could break it apart with a fork – and don’t tell me that’s because it is filet. I have had many a tough filet. So I broke it apart with the fork and stirred it all together and topped it with some Greek yogurt. It was pure bliss.



2 filet mignon steaks
1 huge carrot ( 3 carrots for your regular sized)
1 onion
1 lb fresh brussels sprouts
1 fresh tomato
6 cloves of garlic, cut in half
3 turnips
1/2 sweet potato

4 TBS evoo
splash of apple cider vinegar
1/4 cup sun dried tomatoes
drizzle of Worcestershire
drizzle of Dijon mustard


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