Many of you read my post about the Blogger Aid Cookbook last week, as part of the Foodie Blogroll Community Events. This is a wonderful campaign, and social network that was created by some awesome bloggers: Val from More Than Burnt Toast, Ivy from Kopiaste and Giz from Equal Opportunity Kitchen

It’s goal is to get bloggers together to alleviate world hunger. You can help by contributing to their cookbook! The Deadline has just been extended and it is March 31, 2009!!!!!!


Chorizo Chili


I wanted to contribute a recipe that would be easy for anyone to throw together – but would also be healthy and filling.

Several weeks ago we went to the new Whole Foods that opened up in Jacksonville, FL. Since I am all about the Happy Meat, that is mainly what filled our grocery cart. Meat and fish and cheese, oh and organic beer made in Vermont. One of the things we got in the meat department were several different links of various sausages. We had eaten most of the links, but the other day when I was cleaning out the freezer, I came upon two links of chorizo. We were having a bit of a cold spell here in Florida, so I decided to make some chili. Normally I make chili with beef or buffalo, beans and tomato sauce base. This time I decided to try something different. Not exactly a “white chili” but certainly one sans tomato paste and including beer. Not the organic one made in Vermont – that was long gone, but a nice Sam Adams. Perfect dish for using up veggies and warming up!

To get the recipe – you’ll have to buy the cookbook when it comes out later this year! 🙂