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The Alchemist
This blog is written by Genevieve who believes that cooking is much like alchemy. It is a transformative event by taking commonly occurring elements and turning them into something beautiful and alluring. But also the person doing the alchemy is also transformed. She says: “Let your food create you, and creating the food will happen naturally.” She also believes that food is medicine and we use it as a way to nurture others. “Food is how we nurture, impress, and entertain, and great cooks are always part caretaker, part showman, and even part magician, giving of themselves and their talents in a stunningly personal way. “

Family Food and Friends
This is a great blog full of yummy eats. It is written by Patsy who is a gracious hostess. Her family is also in on the blog, because they review each recipe and they are not afraid to really give their opinions about the recipes, which is really helpful. So you know whether it is worth making, especially if you have picky eaters in your family! Patsy also likes to share her reviews of new food products and gadgets that make their way to her kitchen.

Cooking Star
This blog is picture perfect! I mean really, the food just jumps off the screen. You can tell that a lot of care and love goes into not only the food, but the food styling and photography. All of it is just so well done. Most of the recipes are written in both English and Hungarian. I would love to learn more about the author, but the “about me” section is in Hungarian. So I will have to settle for the recipes!

A Toast to Tiffany
Tiffany’s blog is really a fun blog. Her pictures look great – especially the comfort food that she makes – it all looks so good and I am sure it tastes delicious. She is a PA girl, originally from Pittsburgh (My family is from those parts as well) and you can guess that she is a huge Steelers fan. Therefore, there is a lot of fun pictures and stories about SuperBowl weekend on her blog right now!

Bong Mom’s Cookbook
This is a blog authored by a Bengali cook whi grew up around people who love to cook and eat, so it is not surprising that she also has a love for cooking, food and eating. She writes this blog to acknowledge all the family members who taught her to cook and as inspiration for teaching her own daughter to cook the Bengali foods of her homeland. “I get solace in cooking, the comfort of the spices sputtering in the oil…”

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