Two weekends ago, Roberto and I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with Peter and Christey from FotoCuisine. We met them back in September, when we were all at the Fooduzz sponsored Florida Foodies Dinner at The Blue Zoo in Orlando, FL. We sat next to them during dinner and just really hit it off. They are also a husband wife team, except the roles are reversed, HE is the cook and SHE is the photographer. So before the evening was over we made sure to discuss plans for a future get together.

(Did I mention how TALL they are…I am not a short woman by any means, yet they both tower over me! LOL!)

Peter and Christey live in Melbourne which is on Florida’s famous Space Coast and about a two hour drive from us. As soon as we arrived at their place, they whisked us off in their open air jeep for a lunch date at Matt’s Casbah, a new eatery that they enjoy. We had a great time at lunch catching up and getting to know each other better. Then we took a nice stroll through downtown Melbourne stopping in several antique and gift shops. When then headed back to their house for an evening of cooking, food trivia and videogames!


As you all know by now, Peter and Christey are the winners of POM Wonderful’s Featured Blogger recipe contest and so Peter decided to make his winning dish for us (although at the time he didn’t know he was the winner!). However, instead of duck, he made it with some lovely fresh grouper steaks. He started by making the sauce, showing us his procedure step by step.



Then he got me to chip in with frying up the tortilla strip garnish, at which point he dusted the grouper steaks with flour and white pepper and pan fried them.


The dish was delicious – the sauce was a perfect way to use pomegranate juice and the bed of fried tortilla
strips really soaked up the sauce!


After dinner Peter showed me some of his favorite cookbooks that he has spent the last year working through and learning from – like Bouchon by Thomas Keller, Think Like a Chef by Tom Colicchio and one of my favorites, Les Halles by my own food idol, Tony Bourdain. It was really fun to see the cookbooks that inspire Peter’s cooking as his style is so very different from my own. I am sure that his cooking would be praised by his favorite chefs for his attention to detail and fabulous sauce making skills, which he showed us again the next morning when he made prosciutto eggs benedict with the most delicious hollandaise sauce I have ever had. Another secret talent is Peter’s awesome martini making skills. He made sure to keep us full of yummy comos the whole night, while he himself, went for the classic martinis.


We had a great time visiting Peter and Christey and getting to see a bit of the Space coast on Sunday morning before heading back home. I am sure there will be many more food filled visits! Next time, here in Saint Augustine!