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Dog Hill Kitchen
Here is yet another example of a wonderful blog, that I frequent and figured I had already featured here on FFF. But I am happy to have been reminded about Maggie’s blog again, so I could find out that I hadn’t featured it yet. So please guys, if you love a blog, tell me about it, because I forget even the ones I love! So why do I love Maggie’s blog – well she makes awesome food for one thing. She cooks mostly using whole foods and does some delicious baking – that is dairy free! And although she is an omnivore, she cooks lots of vegetarian and vegan dishes as well. But the reason I love her blog the most is because she and her husband are doing what me and my husband want to do – but a beautiful piece of property in the country and turn into their dream home and her property has been lovingly named Dog Hill. To read more about that project visit Building on Dog Hill

This is a fairly new blog to join The Foodie Blogroll. This blog features kosher and budget friendly recipes. It is simple yet good food that many of us who are on a budget could use to get some new ideas. So please go on over and say hi to one of our new members.

Love and Olive Oil

Love the name because the title is made up of two of my most favorite things! πŸ™‚ This is a great blog about quick and flavorful dishes that don’t hurt the wallet. The couple that write this blog, Lindsay and Taylor, found out that cooking together was fun and less expensive than going out to eat. They get tired of having a dish more thank once, even if it was incredible, so they have lots of variety on their blog, so go check it out!

Happy Jack Eats
This blog is written by someone whose days consist of eating, cooking, browsing menus, collecting recipes, reading books about food, looking at pictures of cheeseburgers, and embracing all things deep-fried. So you can bet there are a lot of delicious recipes (and photos) on this blog!

The Sunny Raw Kitchen
If you have ever wanted to learn more about raw foods, this is a great spot. Carmella was the Winner in the Best of Raw in the following categories: the Best Raw Website, Best Raw Media and Best Raw Chef! Her blog is just over 2 years old now, and if you want a post to start with, try her best recipes of 2008 post

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