This is going to be a new Thursday feature:
Foodie Blogroll Community Events.

The Foodie Blogroll is a community of over 3000 food bloggers, many of whom hold blogging events. Many are for good causes and some are just for fun! But since there is such a variety, I will post about one every Thursday. I cannot post them all, but if you would like to have your event posted, and you are part of the Foodie Blogroll, please use my contact form (top left under my profile picture) to send the details.


The first community event I would like to talk about this week is Books For Love which is created and hosted by my friend Arfi, from HomeMadeS. Here is what she has to say about the event:

This auction is for cancer kids in Indonesia who come from poor families. There is a foundation through which these children are helped and funded, it is called Yayasan Kasih Anak Kanker Indonesia (Care for Cancer Kids Foundation Indonesia), situated in Jakarta. Last year, Indonesian, New Zealand, and Australian foodie bloggers succeeded raising IDR 6,050,000. Hopefully, we’ll be able to help these children again, with more hope and more generous people who can help with bidding. Every dollar counts, every kindness is highly appreciated.

Continue reading to learn more about how you can enter…

For foodie bloggers, it is preferred to auction food, recipe books, and food photography books.

Books Donation

– You have books (no nudity content, please) to donate in an auction and let your readers know that you’re donating by blogging about it, so they’ll be able to navigate when and where the auction begins and located.
– You’re willing to send the book/s to the auction winner on your on expenses. You may choose to only auction it and send it to the readers in your region, if you wish. Just let me know your conditions.
– You take photo of your book/s and send the details to me (arfi.binsted AT gmail DOT com) before 26th of January, 2009 as we’re going to start the auction from 26 January 2009 – 9 February 2009. I will list the books and photos here (

Photos Donation

– You have photos that are your copyrighted, printed on canvas, or photobooks, notes, postcards, or other dimensions that you prefer to do.
– You have softcopy of your photos to be produced by the auction winner.
– You are willing to send the photo/s or softcopy to the auction winner/s on your own expense.
– You send me the photo sample and details, what media it is printed on and whether it is a softcopy to my email address (arfi.binsted AT gmail DOT com), so I can list it on here (

You can also promote this event on your blog, be the bidders and bid the item that you’d like which the fun will begun from 26 January – 9 February 2009. Watch it closely! You may fetch this logo to promote, if you like.

I thank you for your kindness to help the cancer kids in Indonesia last year. I am hoping there will be more children that are helped this year as well.