Last month on we ran a ginger holiday cookie recipe contest to get the buzz going about The Ginger People. An awesome company from California that specializes in high quality ginger products for baking, drinking, eating and enjoying. The winner of this contest was Betherann from Muffin Love with her Gingerlicious Biscotti. She won an awesome gift basket from The Ginger People, you can read about it on her blog here.

The Ginger People were also gracious enough to also give away a weekly treat to a lucky random winner from our membership! For 4 weeks a different winner received ginger cookies (Ginger
Shortbread and ANZAC Cookies). We always have contests and giveaways going on at, so be sure to check out our website’s Contests & Giveaways page or check The Forum, here for what the current contests are.
You don’t want to miss out on all the great events!


So, I was also lucky enough to receive a box for partnering with them in this giveaway. I received 2 boxes of ANZAC cookies and 2 bottles of Ginger Gizer. I had never heard of ANZAC cookies before, but they are a historical cookie that is based on a Scottish Oat Cake (which I do love), that was introduced to Australia by early Scottish immigrants. During WW I, loved ones of Australian and New Zealand soldiers were concerned about the nutritional value of the food being supplied to their men (love that!). So they created these cakes that could survive the long journey by sea to the war front. Today ANZAC cookies are known as Australia’s national biscuit. ANZAC stands for Australian New Zealand Army Corps.

I am a huge fan of ginger, so I knew I would love these cookies. I love oat based cookies, cakes and biscuits, and these ANZACS were sweet, but the oat flavor really comes out. There is also a really nice ginger punch. Roberto says they remind him (in texture and shape) of a ginger version of an amaretto cookie, which is one of his favorites. Just like pumpkin, he isn’t really too into ginger, but he seemed to like these cookies.

The Ginger Gizer is a triple ginger energy drink. It is made with apple juice, honey, ginger concentrate, ginger syrup and filtered water. It is warming and delicious and suitable to drink either hot or cold. It is the perfect beverage for the cold days we have been experiencing lately. Also very helpful in dealing with any stomach ailments, which I had the unfortunate chance to experience last week. But this drink really did the trick and helped enormously.

So if you like ginger and are looking for some awesome ginger products, please check out The Ginger People!