We have a very unique and exciting giveaway opportunity to announce at The Foodie Blogroll. For the next two Mondays – Monday January 26, 2009 and Monday February 2, 2008 we will be giving away a free month membership to Sensei’s weight loss program.

Now, I know we have all probably over-indulged during the holiday season, and I know there has been a lot of talk in the blogosphere about needing to lose some weight or lighten things up a bit. So this opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time! Most of us, just need a little time to get back on track, and so free month might be the perfect amount!

Also, for those of you who are looking for a nutrition program for a little longer, Sensei’s monthly food and program costs are as low as $194 (for its Budget-Friendly meal plan), nearly $300 less than NutriSystems, Inc., which recently was reported as being the lowest priced weight loss program on the market. Not only is Sensei one of the most affordable weight loss programs on the market, it is one of the most nutritious. Sensei’s Healthy Eating Index (the measure of diet quality that assesses conformance to Federal dietary guidelines) score is an astounding 90 out of possible 100, compared to the American median score of 49 and the 69 for the top 10% of American diets.

So what is Sensei, you may ask? Their company is a pioneer in mobile and web-based solutions that engage and empower consumers to lead healthier and happier lives. Their programs are focused on promoting learning and lifestyle change through automated interactive dialogue that integrates seamlessly into consumers daily routines. Basically, they give you all the tips and tools you need for your weight loss program through your mobile phone or computer. Perfect for us bloggers who are always online!!!

From their webpage:

Sensei is like having your own nutritionist and health coach at your fingertips, delivering customized meal plans, weekly shopping lists, goal tracking and motivational support to a user’s mobile phone display or personal Web page – prompting consumers at point-of-decision moments to make healthier choices. The experience begins online, where users enter their desired weight, food preferences, eating habits, meal times, exercise routines and other personal information. Sensei’s expert system then works with the user to generate a realistic, customized nutrition and fitness plan. Throughout the day, Sensei for Weight LossTM delivers interactive messages to the user’s mobile phone with specific recommendations, reminders and motivational tips. The program also records the user’s eating choices and fitness activities, and automatically tracks progress toward defined goals.
Sensei For Weight Loss also includes the new budget-friendly feature, which automates the creation of healthy, personalized and cost-effective meals. Also new is the “Favorites” function and “My Coupons” tab, featuring users’ local grocer sales conveniently available on the site, and affords them to select and repeat favorite foods and meals for their meals to further leverage savings.

All you have to do to be eligible for the free one-month trial, is to have an active Foodie Blogroll Membership (be a US Resident*) and go check out the Sensei website and blog about what you think about it. Then post on the Leftover Queen Forum here, that you blogged about it, and the link to your post. We will chose a random winner on January 26th and February 2nd to win the one month free trial!!!!

Also, Sensei is giving away a 7 day trial on their website that you may want to check out, and add to your blog post about your experience! Click this link to sign up or go to Sensei.com and click on the orange arrow. This will take you through sign-ups, but will not ask for a credit card.

* I know that a lot of our giveaways have been US based. But I am currently working on something for our European friends. So stay tuned for that!