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Ordinary Recipes Made Gourmet
If you are like me, you are always looking for a way to spruce up those tried and true recipes and put a gourmet twist on them. If you enjoy that kind of challenge, this is a blog you must check out! Kim found her love of cooking early, like many of us, and cooked her first meal at the age of 12. After that successful meal, her mom wanted to know the next night “What’s for dinner?”. I love quote on her about page:
“I really try to create a painting every time I serve a dish. To me, it is not just food on a plate but a road trip. I think about the places that I haven’t seen as I eat the meal and think about the seasonings in it.”

i found happy
I just love Jeni’s blog. Every time I pop over there I am confronted with an urge to eat whatever she is featuring that day. Everything always looks so colorful and appetizing, and best of all they are not complicated recipes to make. Like I have said before, there are just so many food blogs out there now that I don’t get a chance to visit them all anymore, and I miss that. But, that said, I have enjoyed all the times I have chatted with Jeni, we share a lot in common, both married in 2008 and relocated to the South. So please drop by, I am sure you will her blog!

Picky Cook
Tagline: i don’t make vegetarian food – i make real food vegetarian
I love the concept of this blog. I know in the US, people eat way too much meat. Now even though I was a vegetarian for 10 years, I am a meat eater, and I enjoy all kinds of meats. But there are many days that I don’t eat a single morsel. Not because I don’t like it, but because I really do love my veggies and really love making vegetarian and even vegan versions of some of my favorites, because it tastes good. So this blog is a great resource for making some of your favorite meals vegetarian! Plus she and her fiance garden creatively (they live in a small place, like us) and they have a cute little dog (just like us!).

Meet Me in The Kitchen
This is another great blog full of drool worthy pictures and recipes. Again very colorful and flavorful foods featured. These are really the kinds of blogs I enjoy the most, the ones that I can go to and see a yummy dish, and be inspired to make it right then and there because I have the ingredients on hand, I don’t need any special tools, equipment or ingredients, and the recipe comes out great.

The Budding Cook
I think there is a trend today, with the featured blog. All of them feature delicious, easy to prepare recipes that are accompanied by gorgeous photos that are mouthwatering and make you want to cook! The Buddding Cook is no exception. There is a menagerie of great recipes that span the globe, from American favorites like brownies and banana bread to the spiced Indian dishes that I love so much.

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