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Living in the Kitchen with Puppies

Natashya has a great blog full of delicious comfort foods and baked goods. If you are looking for a good cookbook, or a good cooking magazine, check out her blog as she blogs about different cookbook recipes as well as magazines. She is also an active member on The Foodie Blogroll forum and a regular participant in the Royal Foodie Joust, and as her title suggests, an animal lover.

Pastry Methods and Techniques
All across the blogosphere I come across phenomenol cooks who are totally duped by the prospect of baking. I know for myself, I used to feel the same way before I joined the fabulous Daring Bakers. However, if you feel like you want to get your toes wet in the realm of baking, this is the blog for you! i It is written bu Jenni, a pastry chef. Her focus can be on ingredients and functions in baking, or great recipes. Her intent is that it be both educational and entertaining in equal parts.

Cranky Cakes
As most everyone that reads my blog knows, I am a huge fan of the state of Vermont. Having lived there I still feel a sort of allegiance to the state, and I always have a soft spot for Vermonters. I would love to start spending more time there again. But until that is possible, I can visit this blog. Written by a mom, food lover, Director of Community Relations for Vermont Children’s Aid Society and a Vermont Woman columnist. Between all of that she finds time to explore her favorite cuisines: Mediterranean, Thai, Chinese, Indian, and authentic Mexican, good fusion cuisine, organic and local everything, good & thrifty foods, wildcrafting, canning and preserving, roasting, braising, baking.  Wow!

Notes From the Table
This is a blog that focuses on economical, yet healthy meals that are not based on processed food. I love the initiative that many food bloggers are taking these days to find healthy ways to feed their families. I think we are all doing this in degrees and it is a process for many of us, but a good one, and one that I very much encourage. This blog is a great resource for inspiration.

Navita has a great blog that really spans the globe with the foods she cooks up in her kitchen. She really started her love for cooking after she got married, but realized that it quickly became a passion that she wants to share with the world. She is a fabulous baker and also makes delicious savory dishes as well. So please go over and say hi!

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