Well everyone, this post is going to bring a lot of warmth to you today, I know a lot of my blogging buddies who are experiencing winter temps need that, right now!!!


This month we did a very special Royal Foodie Joust! My good friend Cynthia, from Tastes Like Home
has written a cookbook called My Caribbean Cookbook, Tastes Like Home.


She has been kind enough to offer a free copy to the winner of a RFJ Contest. So we decided to do a Joust based Caribbean ingredients.

The Ingredients for this special edition Joust were: Coconut (or Coconut Milk), Rice and Bananas

Here are some comments from Cynthia regarding the ingredients:
Bananas can be used in their green state – starchy or in their ripe stage, as a fruit. We’d prefer everyone to use the banana itself – green or ripe but if you want to use any variations of the banana component you can do so (yes, the leaf is acceptable). Whatever you make, it must be clear that the banana flavour is present.

The winner of the Joust this month was Elle, from Elle’s New England Kitchen with her second Joust win!
her entry was Bananas Foster Cupcakes .


To see the recipe, please check her blog – and I promise, if you haven’t been there before, you will want to check out some of her other recipes.

We are ready to announce the ingredients for this month’s Joust. These ingredients come to us from Billy from a table for two, who won the Joust in December.

He figured after the holiday season, people really wouldn’t be up for “fancy cooking” so he decided to focus his ingredients around simple fare.
So the ingredients for this month’s Joust are: mushroom, cauliflower, noodle. To participate, please post your entries here. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

Also I would like to mention a great giveaway that my friend Bren over at FLANboyant Eats is doing an awesome giveaway of some of her favorite things to celebrate her 1 year blogoversary! – so please go check it out! πŸ™‚