****Forgive me, but I have to pack a lot into this post about all sorts of events and wonderful giveaways and contests going on this month! So please read through this whole post if you don’t want to miss it!!!****


Again, I would love to congratulate all the participants of this month’s Royal Foodie Joust!

The Royal Foodie Joust is an awesome monthly peer voted competition that is hosted on
The LeftoverQueen/FoodieBlogroll Forum! It gets better each and every month as the competition gets stiffer as Jousters try to outdo each other each month! It is also one of the friendliest competitions I have ever seen. So please don’t be intimidated to come and join us this month! We don’t bite, unless of course there is real food in our faces.

The only rules for the competition is that each Jouster create one dish and each entry must feature 3 ingredients in common. This competition has been referred to many times as the “Iron Chef” of the Food Blogosphere. Each month’s ingredients are chosen by the previous month’s winner. The winner of each Joust not only wins the Queen’s favor, bragging rights and a cool icon to put on their blog, but is also awarded with a super awesome personalized apron!

(However, starting in February we are going to be changing things up a bit and making it even BETTER! So be sure to check that out!)

So what are you waiting for? Come over and join us this month!

This month’s ingredients were chosen by last month”s winners over at Eating Club Vancouver and they were coffee, black peppercorns and honey, ingredients that had most of us stumped for a while…do we go sweet or savory, or what??? But the result were delicious entries. So be sure to check them all out on the forum! Although all the entries were at the highest standard, there can be only one winner.

The Winner of this Month’s Joust is Billy from atablefortwo with his Latana.

This dessert not only sounds delicious, but looks absolutely stunning. A sure winner. When this entry came up on the forum, some people even conceded, so there is no doubt that this was a show stopper! Congrats! 🙂

Second Place goes to Maybelle’s Mom over at Feeding Maybelle with Coffee Blackpepper and Honey Duck Bacon!

Wow does that look good or what?

Third Place goes to Rachel, The Crispy Cook, with her Mocha Pepper Sandwich Cookies!

Love her take on a spiced holiday cookie!

They were all great entries, so please check out all the other great entries this month, please click here



This month we have a very special Joust! My good friend Cynthia, from Tastes Like Home is coming out with a cookbook within days called My Caribbean Cookbook, Tastes Like Home.

She has been kind enough to offer a free copy for the winner of a RFJ Contest. We decided that the Joust should focus on Caribbean cuisine and ingredients, and the winner will get her awesome cookbook. How cool is that?????

So what this means is that for the next Joust, Jan 2009, we will be doing a special edition of the RFJ. The winner for December 2008 – the Joust that just ended, will then pick the ingredients for Feb 2009. So basically we are just skipping a month and doing the Caribbean Joust in January. So I really hope that everyone will join us for this awesome oppurtunity to win Cynthia’s awesome cookbook!

The Ingredients for this special edition Joust are: Coconut (or Coconut Milk), Rice and Bananas
So please come over to the forum and post your entries here, for a chance to win My Caribbean Cookbook, Tastes Like Home!!!!


Also, please be advised we have an awesome Foodie Blogroll Giveaway going on right now with The Ginger People who will be giving away an awesome gift basket to the winner of a holiday cookie contest going on! So be sure to check that out too!