Good Morning/ Afternoon/ Evening to you all out there. This is the last FFF of the month on The Leftover Queen Blog. Roberto and I are going to be traveling to visit my Dad and Stepmom for the Thanksgiving Holiday this year. For next week’s FFF, please visit my GOOD friend Judy‘s blog, No Fear Entertaining, for some of her favorite pics from The Foodie Blogroll.

I wish all the Americans a Happy Thanksgiving and to everyone else, the same, even if you do not celebrate this holiday. Today I am going to give thanks and gratitude to all the food bloggers out there who are part of The Foodie Blogroll, for making it such a wonderful community! We have a lot of exciting things in store for the coming year and we thank you for making this one so great!

As always here is what the FFF is all about. Finest Foodies Friday! FFF is a weekly Friday post featuring favorites from The Foodie Blogroll! We do this so we can share in the rich diversity of what The Foodie Blogroll has to offer by featuring some of our favorites and yours!
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As I often say there are certain blogs that are just so great that I assume I have already featured them. Here is another such blog, my friend Sam‘s Blog The Greek Gourmand. Sam subtly hinted to me, that I must be saving the best for last, and that is when I realized that I hadn’t yet featured this very interesting blog. Now Sam is a great cook and makes lots of wonderful Greek dishes that are just mouthwatering, but the best part about his blog is the history. Every recipe Sam features on his blog is set in historical context, which is so interesting from an anthropological and historical perspective. Something I am way into! So if you want some history with your Greek food, you must stop by and say hi to Sam!

Another great Greek food blog that I have failed to feature yet is Ioanna’s blog: Food Junkie, Not Junk Food. Jo, as she is also known by, is a Greek archaeologist living in Athens, so you can bet she and Sam would have a lot to talk about! 😉 She is very talented speaking at least 3 languages that I know of, and a phenomenal cook. Her food is always fresh and bright and full of those tantalizing Mediterranean flavors! She writes her blog in both Greek and English, so don’t be intimidated if you stop by and see lots of Greek. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Arfi from HomemadeS has a wonderful blog. She is an Indonesian living in New Zealand and you really get a perspective of both cultures and their foods while perusing her blog. Her photographs are outstanding, she has won many awards in the blogging world for her beautiful photos. So please go visit her blog, not only because it truly is a work of art, but because all the food looks delicious too!

La Fuji Mama
I love this blog! This is the blog of La Fuji Mama who from Southern California, has lived in Japan with her adorable daughter (and I believe France as well?). I really enjoy this blog because it is a wonderful way to raise children – by showing them the world, giving them a real appreciation for other cultures from a young age. There are so many great traveling trips for traveling with kids as well as anecdotal snippets about an American’s life in Tokyo, Japan. It is a great read!

Paula‘s Blog, It’s All Gouda makes me laugh with the name. This is a phrase I often use in my life, not because I love food, but because I really love cheese. But this blog is not all about cheese – it is named for its play on words. So don’t worry, even if you don’t like cheese (and I know there are some of you blasphemers out there!) you will still find some great recipes on here, especially some really great kid friendly recipes, for the kid in all of us!

That’s it for this week! I hope you enjoyed this week’s FFF. Remember, if you would like to see a blog featured here, who is part of the FBR please visit the forum and nominate them. I NEED NOMINATIONS!!!!!!

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