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Venny from Sanctuary from the Mad World

Venny’s blog was re-introduced to me via the Nominations Thead on the Forum. As soon as I loaded the page I knew I wanted to feature this blog. The photos are just beautiful and all the food looks incredibly yummy! She has lived all over the world, this love of other cultures is reflected in her simple, yet delicious recipes. She is also a bookworm, which is a trait close to my heart! I am sure she has found some great book in all her travels….probably even cookbooks!

I really knead to feature Knead for Bread

as I am always looking for inspiration when it comes to bread baking. Right now I am very happy with my no-knead bread method, but sometimes I am looking for new ways to flavor up my favorite breads, and also to get ideas for how to sculpt the bread to make it not only delicious, but beautiful also. If you have also joined the Bread Revolution, I encourage you to seek your next bread recipe here!

This blog Hunter-Gathering: wild & fresh food

is one that I am in total awe of. I just love everything about it. These guys take local eating to a whole other level. I really wish my life was conducive to learning more about wild foods and how to forage for them. After this year’s foray in local foods and trying to make more of my own food all the way from scratch (like bread for example), I think this is the next step for me in my food journey! I am looking forward to it!

My love for Greek food is no secret and so I love it when new Greek blogs come on the scene (or at least ones I wasn’t familiar with before) and the latest one I have come across is Maria‘s blog Kali Orexi, which means Good Appetite. Maria is a first generation Greek American who grew up with her family’s recipes from the Old Country. Although I am the first one to check out a blog from Greece itself, I really love immigrant blogs, because it is something I am familiar with. I love to see how families take traditional foods and then adapt them based on the ingredients available in their new home country.

Another cuisine I make no secret about loving is Moroccan. So I got really excited when I saw Do It The Moroccan Way! make its way onto the Foodie Blogroll! It is one of the few blog on the Foodie Blogroll dedicated to Moroccan food. This blog is authored by a Moroccan woman living outside of Morocco with her American husband. She cooks up really delicious and flavorful foods in her kitchen. So go check it out!!!

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