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As many of you know, I used to live in Norway. It is a beautiful country with a rich food tradition that is modern, clean, old-fashioned and close to nature all at the same time. Sure, there are ethnic restaurants in Norway, but I recommend the real deal – fresh salmon, reindeer, cloud berries, brunost, brown bread, and wonderful cheese and ice creams. I am always reminiscing about my time there, so you can imagine my delight when I came across Siri‘s blog, Transplanted Baker. Siri is from Minnesota in the US, but now calls Norway home. It is a great blog featuring delicious food! Oh and if you need to brush up on your Norwegian (like I do) she is now posting bi-lingually – English and Norwegian (Nynorsk – which is a different dialect than what I speak (horribly!). If only she had a way for me to get email notices of all her new posts! Tusen Takk, Siri!!

Leslie , The Hungry Housewife is a favorite blog of many. She is not about stuffy or fancy food, but you might be fooled looking at the beauty of some of her baked goods – she certainly has a creative knack, let’s just say that for the moment. She also makes a lot of really good comfort foods and savory dishes! Whenever I visit her blog, I always see something that I want to make! So head on over there for some fun ideas!

Another blog in the vein of, I want to eat everything she posts, is Pam‘s blog, For The Love of Cooking . I just love her food and her blog. She always uses fresh ingredients and makes all the classics from scratch. She is also very down to earth. She makes delicious dishes that I have forgotten about, or haven’t had in years and so I always enjoy her posts to see what she is going to make next! Her pictures are beautiful and crisp and really reflect the wholesomeness of the food!

Julie’s Raw Ambition is another great and inspiring blog. She travels a lot and so I really enjoy her travel posts. But she also makes some really elegant, beautiful and fresh food when she is at home, and I am always impressed how she can make raw food look so inviting. As I have mentioned about a million times before, I am always looking for raw food ideas to add to our diets, and this blog is some more fodder for that!

Jude‘s blog Apple Pie, Patis, Pâté is another blog where everything looks so clean and crisp and delicious! He would rather cook at home than eat out because he finds the process of learning and creating new dishes from scratch very addictive. Something I think a lot of us can relate to. He also enjoys wandering through the ethnic neighborhoods of Chicago in search of new and exciting raw materials for his kitchen experiments!

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