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As always here is what the FFF is all about. Finest Foodies Friday! FFF is a weekly Friday post featuring favorites from The Foodie Blogroll! We do this so we can share in the rich diversity of what The Foodie Blogroll has to offer by featuring some of our favorites yours! What is the Foodie Blogroll? It is the first and fastest growing free membership blogroll for food bloggers and has become a wonderful community (just under 2000 strong) to share ideas about all things food related.

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Janet from Gourmet Traveller

Janet certainly is a world traveler, born in Hong Kong but having lived in the UK and Switzerland, her blog posts span the globe with all her delicious recipes. She also does quite a bit of traveling for pleasure (and eating) as well, and creates many recipes inspired by her travels. She would love to turn her love and passion for food into a career one day , and through that teach more people about Cantonese cooking.

Next is another Janet, from Livin’ La Vida Vegan

She is another adventurer! She has always dreamed of a faraway land with beautiful turquoise water. So a year ago, she moved to the Caribbean for a year to fulfill that dream. Now, she is a new mother who is livin’ la vida vegan in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Her recipes are inspired by her life in the Caribbean, and she is also an amazing baker! Be sure to visit her blog for some inspired ideas!

If you haven’t visited Teresa‘s blog Mexican-American Border Cooking,

You should get on over there. Teresa is relatively new to blogging, but not to cooking. She has been cooking Mexican-American foods for over 20 years and is a native of El Paso, TX. For the past eight years she has compiled her favorite family recipes focusing on Mexican Chocolate, to create a very delectable ebook, Mi Chita’s Mexican Chocolate Dessert Cookbook. She also has another blog dedicated entirely to the use of Mexican Chocolate for all you chocolate lovers out there.

Meryl of Inspired Bites

The first time I had ever read Meryl’s blog she was just coming back from a little excursion to my old stomping grounds of Amherst, MA. I read on her profile that she lives in MA, which inspired me to read more (I have a thing for New England, if you hadn’t noticed), and I am so glad that I did. She has such delicious recipes on her blog, from sweet to savory, snacks to comfort food and everything in between. When I get homesick for New England and all the delicious food of that region, I am glad that I have Meryl’s blog to get inspiration from!

Dhita (aka:Barefootster) from Cooking Etcetera

is originally for Indonesia, but currently lives in inner Mongolia with her husband, an ex-chef. Although these days, she is the one spending time in the kitchen enjoying the creativity of cooking and blogging. Her photos are beautiful and her blog is filled with delicious baked goods and her specialties of the house!

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