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Today’s FFF picks!

First is Liz at Yo Soy!
Thanks to Kirby for reconnecting me with Liz’s blog. Liz lives in LA and she works in the art department for a TV show. She is vegan, and these are the tales of her daily life – from craft services to what she ate for breakfast, this is a blogger with an awesome sense of humor. Truly I am not even sure how she has time to blog given her completely hectic schedule! As Kirby says: “All of the food in her recipes and restaurant reviews looks freaking delicious, her pictures are really beautiful, and she is
really 100% hilarious”
. Yep.

Personally I think Kirby‘s blog is pretty great too! How can you not be tempted to check out a blog called
Kirby von Scrumptious?
So let’s have a looky there too! 🙂 She is a high school English teacher, so talk about a brave woman!. She basically blogs about things that fall under the category of “scrumptious” -so there are lots of good eats to be found – both things she cooks as well as delectables she comes across in her travels .

Another blog that I have really been enjoying since she joining the FBR is
Mickie‘s blog, Life Lightly Salted she has very diverse tastes when it comes to both food and life and all of that is reflected in her dishes that she prepares. She also has great taste is music – Depeche Mode anyone!

Jenny‘s blog Picky Palate is another blog full of gorgeous looking food. She says her family is full of picky eaters, but from looking at her recipes, I don’t think so! She is creative and adventurous in her cooking. She loves to enter cook offs and recipe contests and has her winning dishes on her blog as well as family favorites. Her photos are also fantastic!

Next is another blog that has a great name The Life and Loves of Grumpy’s Honeybunch
This blog is just chock full of all kinds of different recipes from pickles to cakes to great ideas for the grill this summer. The recipes are family friendly and just sound delicious! If you aren’t sure what to make for dinner, go on over and check it out! I am sure you can find something great!

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Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂