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Now onto this week’s picks:

Adam‘s blog Baking with Dynamite
is one of my new favorite blogs! I just love to see the guy bloggers out there baking up a storm. It makes me smile. His blog also makes me smile because he has a really great sense of humor AND he is a chiropractor student, which is just awesome. Someone that knows all about health (he is also a retired body builder), but yet still understands and respects the need for treats. If you want to learn more about health, you should check out his weekly posts Fun Fitness Friday.

Petit Fleur writes Rojax Rendevous
She is an expat living in France with her adorable daughter. As I have said before, I enjoy French food, especially from the countryside and the South of France, but I am not very good at making it. So I love reading blogs about the food of France, especially seeing it through the eyes of an expat -as it is usually a cultural look at food seen from an outside perspective. PF’s photographs are gorgeous as well. I have a feeling she is raising a daughter who will have a huge appreciation for food and culture when she is older thanks to her mom’s efforts. People like this I have a lot of respect for – they are very brave and really doing something special for their children.

Kimmi‘s blog The Nourishing Gourmet
is all about creating dishes that nourish the body in some way. She explains her philosophy in this way:
“To often, “health food” is lacking healthy fats, healthy traditional ingredients, and taste appeal. On the other side of the coin, many have trained their senses to only enjoy food loaded with bad fats, MSG and other unnatural flavor enhancers. I believe there is a better way. “
So she uses a variety of different avenues to create this better way – farmers markets, whole grains, as well as gourmet – she has many influences and inspirations. If you share a similar philosophy, I am sure you will enjoy sharing ideas with her.

Lisa from Breakfast and other lovely things
She started the blog to document her bread baking, but felt she wouldn’t be able to update as much as she wanted if she kept that narrow of a focus – so now her blog gives you plenty of ideas for enjoying bread, breakfast and anything else that can be eaten, including a lot of sweeties! I love reading this blog because she has a really nice circle of girlfriends who are all moms. They get together and have wonderful dinner parties with their children, which I think is just such a wonderful thing.

Melody‘s Blog Trap Door
She says that if the world is a stage, she wants to be the trap door. Which leads me to believe that this lady is full of surprises! Or needs an escape route of some kind, which for many of us food bloggers is our kitchen, so I can totally relate. Many of us perform feats of kitchen magic on our blogs everyday, so I can see the comparison between the stage and the kitchen. If you have a CSA membership, you should definitely check out Melody’s blog as she is currently swimming in veggies and is figuring out some tasty things to do with them!

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On an unrelated note, but a note that I feel is important to all food bloggers, please go check out Alosha’s Kitchen and the battle she is having with America’s Test Kitchen/ Cook’s Illustrated/ Cook’s Country. Remember everybody, you don’t get to the top through greed and pomp and if you do, you don’t stay there very long.

Have a great weekend everyone!