I got tagged for this Meme by both Elly and Brittany, on the same day, so I figured it was fate that I play along. 🙂

I love music, music is something that stirs my soul almost as much as cooking. I just cannot live without it and there are very few times that I am not listening to it. I used to listen to it when I was going to sleep too, but it makes certain people (like the hubz) unable to fall asleep. Can you believe it?!?!?! Sheesh.

But in any case, I have very eclectic taste in music. Like Brittany, I think I am going to choose 7 songs that I love for all times – the challenge is picking only 7.

I have two favorite musicians of all time – one is Dougie MacLean a Scottish Folk singer who is awesome! I have had the opportunity to actually hang out and raise a few glasses with him. When I lived in Northampton, MA he used to play a club there called The Iron Horse every year and one year I just happened to bump into him outside the club door and he asked me if I knew a good place to grab a pint. So naturally he invited me (and a few other people) to go have one with him. Every year that he came back we (and several others) would get together and have a pint after the show. He is a great guy – very smart and deep. I listened to his music for months straight when I was writing my dissertation on the forced relocation of the Navajo that I worked with closely and his music was just so inspiring. It is hard for me to pick just ONE of his songs, but here goes:

The BoatBuilders – there is no video for this song, but I will post the Lyrics:

I was there on the cold Assynt hills
I heard the hunger cry and the tyrants laughing
I heard the young men say goodbye to the place where their young dreams were grown

There’s a land somewhere where we can build our freedom
There’s a land somewhere where our children will grow strong
And if our lives should be spared oh we’ll need no other reason to sail on, to sail on

On I stood on the shores at St Anne
And watched them building boats to trade the oceans
And saw the preacher raise his hand saying children it’s time to move on

Oh I watched from the white Waipu sands
Saw them drop their sails and throw their anchors
Saw the old men shake each other’s hand saying brothers now I think we are home

but here is a sampling of Dougie’s music:

My other all time favorite musical act is the Scottish band Capercaille. This is a trad music band, however they do delve into some popular music tunes as well. The singer, Karen Matheson has such an amazing voice and I just love not only the beauty of the music they make, but also the beauty of the words (even if I don’t understand what they are saying in 90% of their music):

Here is Four Stone Walls:

here is another bonus that is just fun!:

As most of you know, I love bellydancing. I used to do it all the time, but I took a little break this year after the death of my teacher. After that, I just didn’t have it in me for a little while. But now I think I am ready to find a new teacher and group here in Saint Augustine. I just love the music of the Middle East and North Africa. My favorite artists from this genre are Cheb Mami and Natacha Atlas:

Cheb Mami: Des 2 Cotes – (Can’t find a video for it!) or the music….argh!
But here is another song from that album that I enjoy!

Natacha Atlas: Eye Of The Duck

and I just LOVE this video:

Next is one of my favorite bands of all times – Sky Cries Mary, they hail from Seattle and there is just something about their music that is deeply stirring to my soul: My favorite has to be:
Click here for mp3 clip

Another favorite artist of mine is Loreena McKennitt – she is Canadian and has one of the most amazing music. It transcends time and space. One of my friends describes her music as so powerful that she has the ability to sing things to life, like the ancient bards and minstrels:

All Souls Night

Then there is Zucchero. His compilation album is one of my favorites. And this song Muoio Per Te the song he does with Sting is my favorite on the whole album:

(I am not really sure what is up with this video – but it was the best I could find on youtube).

Wow, this MEME took forever to compile – I have CDs all over the place in my living room and about 50 youtube windows open. But it sure was FUN! Thanks girls for asking me to play along! Consider you, all my lovely readers tagged for this baby!!!