Happy Independence Day Everyone in the US! 🙂


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In celebration of Independence day here in the US, I am dedicating this FFF to everyone’s favorite way to celebrate this holiday – the BBQ. Millions of Americans both in the States and residing in other parts of the world will mark this holiday with grilling up some fine foods, and raising a glass or a sparkler to the anniversary of the birth of this country. Followed by fireworks and some sinful treats. So right in form, we will do the same here on FFF…except of course for the fireworks!

First up is Larry from The BBQ Grail
His blog is dedicated to learning more about BBQ, the low and slow way. He is one of our newest members on the Foodie Blogroll. I could not think of a better time for him to join – right at the height of summer where everyone is looking for ways to utilize their grills that have been lying dormant over the winter season. You can find recipes from burgers, to steaks to chickens on this blog! Enjoy!

Next is Bill from Barbecue Tricks
Here you’ll find a daily trick of the trade handed down from first class Barbecue Champs. You’ll also find helpful links to supplies you’ll need to cook low and slow so that your BBQ become the best in the neighborhood. On the homepage you can sign up for a free newsletter, check out How-to videos and even join a forum dedicated to BBQ.

Another great blog to check out is Barbecue-Smoker-Recipes.com
This blog is where you’ll find all the latest from “The Barbecue-Smoker-Recipe Man”. All the latest barbecue smoker recipes, reviews and opinions on everything to do with barbecue grills, fire pits and meat smokers. There are even posts dedicated to vegetarian and healthier options, as well as salads and sides to go along with your BBQ. Even tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint!

Next we have Jason from Jason’s BBQ Adventures
Jason’s goal with creating a blog is to share his BBQing recipes and techniques. BBQing has been a passion of his for several years and so he is using his blog to document each and every grill he does. He shares the recipe he used, instructions, and a detailed log of cooking times. YUM-my!

Finally, Jared‘s Blog, Crockpot BBQ
gives us an alternative to grilling outside. Some of us, like yours truly, have no way to BBQ this 4th. Some of us live in apartments or condos that do not allow grills out on our small verandas (I know, can you believe it????) 😉
So we need an alternative way to fulfill our cravings we sometimes get for BBQ. A way to enjoy it without having to dine out. Check out Jared’s blog to get some tips in that area.

So please go visit today’s picks! When you do, be sure to leave them a nice comment and if it is your first time there, let them know that you heard about them via The Foodie Blogroll Finest Foodies Friday!

Have a happy and safe holiday everyone! I am off to cook up some grub myself!