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Now on to this week’s picks!

First on the list this week is Lori from RecipeGirl – a lot of you already know Lori’s blog intimately, but if you don’t, you should go check it out. I always go away from her blog proverbially licking my lips – she blogs about what I like to refer to as “good eats” – food that is simply delicious. Her tastes range all over the globe and she usually has some kind of baked goodies on there to drool over too. She loves to try all different kinds of recipes from all different sources. She says she rarely makes a recipe twice, so you know her blog is always full of good material!

Next on the list is Renae from Renae du Jour . Her about page just had me cracking up. She has an adorable daughter and a sidekick husband (every girl needs one of those!) who join her on a lot of her foodie adventures. But there is just something about the spirit of her blog, something I can’t quite put my finger on that has me going back for more. Sure the food is great, but I think it is her writing and quick wit that has me going back just the same!

Another blog I have enjoyed for a long time is I Love Turkish Food!
One of my closest friends in high school was Turkish and so I developed a taste for this cuisine at a young age, although I wish I could have had more of it when she was living so close to me! But now she lives in Istanbul and I am going to have to go much farther to visit her these days. But I Love Turkish Food! is a blog written by a fellow Floridian, Minik Kus, and I have spent many a blog trip drooling over the dishes that participate in the “Turkish Night” event on this blog – which is always a feast for the eyes! Sadly, Turkish Night is coming to an end, but not the blog, so if you want to learn more about Turkish food, get on over there!

Next is Sarah from Fritter another Floridian, or in her case Floribbean! She named her blog fritter because it is a food commonly found in the South of the US as well as in the Caribbean – to use fritter as a verb is, as she says , to spend time on the internet looking at blogs. Both things she loves – the food and the verb, so thus the blog was born. But what really tuned me into a lover of this blog is a piece she wrote about experimenting with different foods, that in other cultures are perfectly normal and how being exposed to different foods, really is a gift. You should read it: Persnickety Twit!

Last but not least is Bren from FLANboyent Eats!
Her blog is Latin fusion with a chick twist! Her blog is a really education on Latin foods, as well as travel. She seems to be going somewhere different every week – places like Trinidad and Tobago, Mexico and California! She is a singer and musician, but loves to cook and teach people all about Latin fusion cuisine. Her blog is a fusion as well, of food, fashion, music and travel. I am sure that everyone will find something interesting about Bren’s blog.

So please go visit today’s picks! When you do, be sure to leave them a nice comment and if it is your first time there, let them know that you heard about them via The Foodie Blogroll Finest Foodies Friday!