It feels like a very long time since I wrote a post about the winners of the Royal Foodie Joust. I guess that is because the two months prior, I handed the job over to Dharm and Ben to host whilst I was away getting married, honeymooning and gallivanting around. But now, I am back to my regular blogging, and so I have to honor of hosting and announcing the Joust winners again.

There have been some nice changes to the Joust since I last hosted. One, due to popular demand, we changed the voting to a peer vote, meaning that only members of the forum, thus other foodbloggers have the opportunity to vote for their counterparts. This has brought many more participants and very stiff competition to the Joust, making the voting so much harder. I wish I could give an apron to everyone for all the beautiful and tasty entries we recieve each time. The Joust is growing like crazy – with over 30 awesome entries this time around!

Next, my friend Ben over at What’s Cooking? has graciously offered to sponsor the Joust, meaning more prizes for the winners! Ben sponsors the Joust from his Tupperware business and it has been a lot of fun!

Last month’s winner was Elle, of Elle’s New England Kitchen. So not only did Elle receive her own personalized apron, and Tupperware prizes, but she also picked the three ingredients for this month’s challenge. Her picks? Raspberries, Limes and Almonds. We had a wide variety of entries – sweet and savory. To check out the entries for this month, and to enter the next Joust, please join us over on The Leftover Queen/ Foodie Blogroll Forum

This time we are a little late in posting about the winner, because we had an unprecidented tie – in all categories – first, second AND third place. So we just ended the tie breaker polls and it is time to post the winners.

Now for the winners:

First place is awarded to Erin of The Skinny Gourmet with her entry of Almond Crusted Shrimp Tacos with Raspberry Pico de Gallo and Spicy Lime Mayo


Second place is awarded to Maybelle’s Parents of Feeding Maybelle with their entry of
Almond Fried Chicken and Raspberry Sweet Potato Waffles


Third place is awarded to CookinPanda from Flextarian Menu with their entry of Raspberry Filled Almond Baklava with Honey Lime Syrup



Thank you everyone for participating in this month’s Royal Foodie Joust and making it a huge success, yet again. Please stay tuned for when I announce Erin’s pick of ingredients for this month’s Joust!