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Yes all you chocolate lovers out there, I speak the truth. This is really good fudge from an excellent company. I have had the pleasure of exchanging emails with Reonne otherwise known as the “Choco Mama”, over the past few weeks. She and her husband, Hawk, known as “The Fudgemeister” started Earth’s Sweet Pleasures because although Hawk has been making fudge for 40 years, they wanted something better than chocolate, chocolate that is both earth-friendly and socially responsible. They found themselves among concerned consumers who feel it is important to transform chocolate trading practices through donating generous proceeds from the profits of their business to earth friendly and humanitarian causes that promote economic fairness for cacao farmers and their families. Well done. So, Hawk went to work creating their delicious organic recipe using fair trade chocolate and 2 1/2 years later, after setting up a business, here they are with a line of delicious treats – that are guilt free in a socially conscious and environmentally friendly way! This is the kind of company that people should support. A family business, run with the well being of the world considered in its product. This is a recipe for success.

I am not a fudge person, or a chocolate person really for that matter. However, I love the idea of promoting earth friendly, socially responsible companies on this blog. So when Reonne asked me to do a review, I was certainly not going to refuse. There are other people in my life who love both chocolate and fudge, so I knew I would have plenty of willing guinea pigs! However, when our box of Rich Rainforest Dark w/Walnuts arrived, I was excited to try it. The box was nice, and the fudge was pre-cut in perfect 2 bite squares and you could see walnuts dotting each piece. As soon as I began to open the lid, I could smell the chocolate AND the nuts. This was a very good sign. My first taste of this treat was surprisingly wonderful – none of that sickly sweet taste I usually associate with fudge. It was actually denser than most fudge is (probably due to the higher cacao content). It had a very distinct chocolate taste (imagine that! ) and the crunch of the walnuts was a perfect and classic compliment. I looked at Roberto and said “This is really good”. Then I looked at the ingredients and there it was, at the end, the thing that made this fudge taste so good to a non fudge person: “Love & Gratitude”. Well there you have it, along with being fair trade and organic, it is also made with love. How could you go wrong?

You can order the fudge at Earth’s Sweet Pleasures website.
Great for yourself or as a gift. There is also a blog, The Chocolate Fudge Cafe that Reonne writes. It is an educational, informative and fun site about natural chocolate. So you might want to check that out too.