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Now on to this week’s picks!

Rita from Mochachocolata Rita
describes herself as “unbelievably cocky, unreasonably annoying, unbearably boring”. It is hard to wrap your head around how all of those qualities can describe a single person. It also gives you a clue that this is a person that does not take herself too seriously and might be a little quirky – qualities that I admire! Rita lives in Hong Kong which I believe is the official or perhaps unofficial food capital of the world. I have heard it said that you can pretty much eat anything there. It is an experience that I would relish and so by reading her blog, I get to experience a piece of that in a small way. All of this things put together in blog format and you can’t get a more interesting read.

Next is Stephanie from A Year of Crockpotting
This girl just loves her crockpot. Her New Year’s resolution is to cook using her crock pot every single day of 2008. Now I really am impressed by this. Think about it, it would be like saying I will use my cast iron skillet to cook every single day of the year. I have no fear of commitment, but, I just don’t think I could do it. What if you are on vacation? Do you have to bring it with you? Stephanie’s dedication to her crockpot is an amazing thing, and because of it, she has come up with lots of tantalizing recipes for this special cooking tool. So get those crockpots out, wipe off the dust and get cooking!

Speaking of amazing and dedicated people there is Marye whose blog is, Baking Delights
Marye is quite the baker, as her blog title could have informed you. In the kitchen she channels her “inner tart” (her words!). But seriously she really is a great baker. Not only that but she has a huge family – multiple children and grandchildren living under her roof, a roof of a house that she and her husband are restoring. Not only that, but she also used to own and operate a tea room. I really don’t know how she does it all, and does it so well. But here is a clue to her secret. In her own words: “Every time I knead a loaf of bread I am aware that generations of women before me have done the same thing, thinking similar thoughts, dreaming similar dreams, praying similar prayers.” To me, that is just beautiful.

Another blog I really enjoy is Cuisine Quotidienne written by Betty.
A native of Olympia Washington who has been living and raising a family in Southern France. Her blog features everyday French food, something that I know way too little about. I am always intimidated by French food and all the fancy names and accent marks. Many see it as the be all, end all in the Culinary world. French chefs seem unapproachable and slightly menacing, looking down their noses at home cooks. But Betty brings it all down a notch, to the basics. She is a home cook, in France, that really gives you the feel for what regular people in France do when it is time to put the food on the table.

This week it is appropriate to feature Elle from Elle’s New England Kitchen. She is the winner of last month’s Royal Foodie Joust and therefore won herself a personalized apron, some nice Tupperware prizes and also the chance to pick the ingredients for this month’s Joust. Elle has been focusing on some of her favorite flavors of the summer and limes and raspberries feature prominently. Her dishes are always fresh and full of flavor and her pictures are something to drool over. I honestly don’t know how she does it, being a mom to 4 kids and 6 pets! If you haven’t been to Elle’s blog yet, it is high time you get there.

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