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Now on to this week’s picks!

Today I am going to start off with Susan of Sticky, Gooey, Creamy, Chewy
(don’t you just love that name? It is so vivid and makes you want to lick your fingers out of instinct!)
Susan is a professional musician who loves to cook. She also comes from a long line of Italian home cooks and I think growing up in that environment just lends to generations of people who adore food! Susan is no exception there. She talks about her musical history in her most recent post – The Daring Baker’s Challenge!

Next is Deborah from Taste and TellShe is like me, and so many of us out there – an experimental cook. She has trouble cooking the same recipe more than once, because there is just so much good food out there to try! In order to facilitate this more, she has made a personal goal to blog about one recipe out of her many cookbooks – and invites you to join in her Taste and Tell Cookbook Project

A relative newcomer to The Foodie Blogroll is Farida from AZ Cookbook or Farida’s Azerbaijani Cookbook
The minute I saw her blog for the first time, I was impressed. Not only does she have a whole blog devoted to a cuisine I would love to know more about, but she is very personable and helpful to her readers by answering questions about her national cuisine. She has great step by step instructions paired with beautiful photos of her yummy food! So if you would like to learn more about Azerbaijani Cuisine (and TRUST ME, you DO) – go on over and check out Farida’s blog.

Another blog I am really enjoying these days is Palachinka by Marija.
A beautiful blog with a focus on Serbian Cuisine. This is just another example of how the look of your blog plays an important role -everything from her blog design, photography and food is very clean with a strong attention to detail – so what really stands out when you visit is her food – front and center. There are so many recipes I would love to try.

Last but not least is Roni from GreenLiteBites
She focuses on the light side of food creations, that are low in fat, high in fiber and whole foods. This way of cooking is very near and dear to my heart! Through the recipes featured on her blog she shows us again that just because food is healthy does not mean it isn’t tasty! I also like that she does not use artificial sweeteners or processed foods in her recipes. Her food is just plain old good and good for you.

So please go visit today’s picks! When you do, be sure to leave them a nice comment and if it is your first time there, let them know that you heard about them via Finest Foodies Friday!


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