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Now on to this week’s picks!

I have just started to get to know Ingar from Taste Memory and I am really enjoying her blog and her personality! Her blog is so much fun, and every time I go there, I learn something new. She is a fellow Floridian and fresh, organic food advocate. Her recipes have an Asian flair to them often showcasing her Korean background, a cuisine I know too little about. Some of my favorites posts of hers include one about Seaweed and her most recent post – all about one of my favorite fruits, the coconut.

A newbie Foodie Blogroll blog that I have been enjoying is Alex‘s blog Just Cook It!
Alex is a very hands on cook, and his posts are always dotted with a little education along the way. This is why I enjoy reading his blog. He is also a freelance writer like me! Alex is living life in the slow lane with his girlfriend and really enjoying himself – tending a vegetable garden, writing a book, baking bread and most recently blogging his account of his most recent culinary rite of passage – taking a pheasant from field to kitchen and learning how to prepare very fresh meat. But how he got the pheasant in the first place is a story in itself! Reading Alex’s blog is like reading a a bunch of short stories.

Cassie‘s blog, Cassie Craves, is another really fun blog, and relatively new to The Foodie Blogroll. I love Cassie’s blog because she is so laid back. This quality is really going to help her now, because she has just recently, and I am talking days ago, become a mom! Her baby Andrew is adorable! She says that cooking is like therapy for her, helping her reflect on early memories in the kitchen as well as make new ones. If you are looking for nice, comfort food recipes, that are as down to earth as Cassie is, go check out her blog.

The next blog I want to talk about is Ben‘s blog,
Zest Therapy
. Ben is officially our youngest Foodie Blogroll member, a high school senior! Yes, you read that right, a high school senior and his blog is part of his Senior Comprehensive Project. How cool is that!?! He confesses that the blog is also a way for him to learn how to cook before he goes off to college. Lemme tell you Ben, learning how to cook is going to also do wonders for you in the dating game! πŸ™‚ Have you checked out my e-book, Love Through Food, yet? I know, it is a shameless plug, but it would be perfect for college! Ben just recently cooked for this AP Biology class – where he made his famous chili and bbq sauce – how lucky are they??? I know you all out there are going to help me welcome Ben to the ranks! πŸ™‚

Last but not least, let’s talk about Foto Cuisine, a photojournalistic blog devoted to food and culinary techniques. We all know how important food photography is for having a top notch blog. But Christey and Peter have got it down to a science. Also fellow Floridians
(Hey all you FL bloggers, we need to do a meet and greet soon!!!),
they really appreciate food as an art form! Peter is a self taught cook, who has been teaching himself all the classic techniques to get his food to a higher level. Christey is the photographer. In Peter’s own words: “My step-by-step cooking techniques gel with her photojournalistic style, and I think between the two of us, we can tell the story of a meal in a way that blends both of our arts.” Rock on you guys!