I would like to announce the launch of my new e-book called
The Secret Energy of Love Through Food.

As many of you have noticed lately, I have been talking about more esoteric food related subjects in my blog posts, and this book expands upon those ideas. It is a guide for a truely new way of looking at food and food preparation.

As we all know, we are made of up energy, as is everything else on this planet. You can transform this energy in your food creations to add an unexpected twist. This guide will show you how to focus your energy to put your intention and love into your food, winning you high praises and giving each dish that extra special ingredient of LOVE.

This book includes 28 recipes and secrets to help bring more love into your life. There are great recipes and tips for the expert and novice alike.

All of the ingredients in these recipes you probably have in your pantry or refrigerator, or are easily gotten from your grocery store. The flavors may be exotic to entice a little intrigue, but the ingredients are very domestic. Many of these recipes are suitable for all of the loved ones in our lives – parents, children, siblings and friends. All are great recipes to be enjoyed for any occasion. Not only that but all the recipes in this book are heart healthy – because what is love without the heart?

For more information please visit the My Books page.