The Secret Energy of Love Through Food Cover - ebook by Jenn DiPiazza aka The Leftover Queen

The Secret Energy of Love Through Food.
(or, you really can win a lover’s heart through their stomach).
Including 28 recipes and secrets to help you bring more love into your life.

This is the perfect guide you need to not only win your lover’s heart through their stomach, but bring more love into your life. Everyone has heard the old adage, but how can you make it happen? By reading this simple yet thorough guide. It is a guide for a truly new way of looking at food and food preparation.

As we all know, we are made of up energy, as is everything else on this planet. You can transform this energy in your food creations to add an unexpected twist. This guide will show you how to focus your energy to put your intention and love into your food, winning you high praises and giving each dish that extra special ingredient of LOVE.

This book includes 28 recipes and secrets to help bring more love into your life. There are great recipes and tips for the expert and novice alike.

This guide will also give you easy step by step recipes as well as a description for each recipe and why certain ingredients are chosen based on their properties, all of which enhance your ability to win your lover’s heart and bring more love into your life.

I have spent many years cooking and showing people how I feel about them through the meals I cook. I love cooking and enjoy entertaining. I learned a lot about energy and energy medicine when I worked for a holistic doctor for several years.

It was a transformative period in my life and through this that I began to see the world in a different way – how energy moves from person to person and how I could apply those lessons in other areas of my life, like food preparation!

I also lived on the Dine’ (Navajo) Reservation for a period of time and they are very particular about who they allow to cook meals – because they too understand about energy and how it can be transferred from one energy body to another. So with all these ideas, I decided to experiment with them in the kitchen for a positive outcome.

I am a food writer and creative cook who enjoys bringing a little magic into my kitchen. My passion is for food and helping people learn to be creative with food and share that love and passion with others whom they care for. I have taught culinary classes and have a blog dedicated to food. But it was through applying these lessons that I also won my heart’s desire! 🙂
Food is one of the things we enjoy together and has continued to play a big role in our lives.

All of the ingredients in these recipes you probably have in your pantry or refrigerator, or are easily gotten from your grocery store. The flavors may be exotic to entice a little intrigue, but the ingredients are very domestic. Many of these recipes are suitable for all of the loved ones in our lives – parents, children, siblings and friends. All are great recipes to be enjoyed for any occasion. Not only that but all the recipes in this book are heart healthy, because what is love without the heart?

You can purchase this book for $9.99. This includes all the recipes, photos, tips and secrets about food and energy.

Enjoy and best of luck!