Finest Foodie Friday: Top 5 Wittiest Food Bloggers and a MEME and an update! Whew!

We all need some humor in our lives, right? Well I find myself trying to visit these blogs as often as I can because they make me laugh along with giving great tips and recipes for food. If you would like to participate in the FFF and have a nomination, please enter your nominations here
And since only members of The Foodie Blogroll can be nominated, if you are not yet a member of this group which is over 1000 bloggers strong, please join us today!

Ley of Cilantro & Lime
is a crack up. She along with giving you recipes for all kinds of goodies and sweet treats, gives you dose of humor with every bite. She tells you like it is and entertains me all the time! Ley was the first Royal Foodie Jouster to receive an apron and she did a great little post about it – that had Roberto and I cracking up and rolling on the floor! Ley is also getting married soon and planning a wedding, so I also love her blog Boho Bride which is a great little blog all about the alternative bride – which we both CERTAINLY are! 🙂

Then there is Heather of Gild The Voodolily
– by now all of you have heard of Heather – she is making waves all over the food blogosphere with her fast talking, tongue in cheek humor that keeps everyone on their toes. I love going over to Heather’s blog and seeing all the familiar faces over there getting their attitude on. Everybody just lets it hang loose over there because Heather is so laid back and doesn’t take offense to any of the jabs. Not only this, but I need to give serious props to Heather because she is one of the most creative cooks you will find in the blogoshpere. I mean check out her winning entry for The Royal Foodie Joust last month! She really is a go-getter when it comes to food and life and laughter.

Next in line is my friend Emiline (ohhh…look at me rhyme!) of Sugar Plum
Emiline has a quiet dark kind of humor that she puts to constructive use. She has many a blog post about something someone did to tick her off (I mean the girl DOES work in the food industry and man, people in her position take a lot of crap from the rest of us) and then she goes home and takes it out on her food. But wow, is that food awesome
She kills me with her sweet and salty delicacies which pop up frequently. Very creative mind. Emiline is a young food blogger but she has a lot of talent and I am so excited for her – she is well on her way to becoming a culinary Goddess.

Then there is Sue from Food Network Musings
who is an absolute stitch. For those of you who are addicted to The Food Network – and I know a lot of you are, you have got to go check out Sue’s rants raves and musings about all the celebrity chefs and cooks on there. Sue is a culinary school graduate, so she really knows what she is talking about – so she calls these celebs out on the mistakes and mishaps in their shows. It is a riot to read!

And last but certainly not least is Brittany of Musings of a Barefoot Foodie She is relatively new to The Foodie Blogroll, but not new at all to the trials and tribulations of raising boys, and taking care of her family – all done with a super dry wit that makes me laugh so hard my face hurts. She is also a great resource for cooking meals for a family, because she does it every single day. I know when I have kids, I am going to Brittany for sanity checks.

Next Week: Top 5 Vegetarian/ Vegan Food Blogs

Please see the post below for a Meme sent to me by Ivy of Kopiaste and an update about my blog!