This is the day when I feature the best of the best of The Foodie Blogroll Membership – which is over 1000 members large now!

I love how things work out. The topic of this Finest Foodies Friday is the Top 5 Food Bloggers With Heart.
In lieu of being awarded the Nice Matters Badge (you can see it sitting over on my left hand sidebar under “awards” by both Nuria and Ivy, this week, (THANKS GUYS!) I’d say the timing couldn’t be better.

I just love how the blogosphere has made the world a little bit smaller and puts you in touch with all kinds of people you would never get to know, if it weren’t for this funny little thing called the internet. The Foodie Blogosphere is kind if like one big pot luck table of the world, where all of us foodies bring to the table our dishes everyday to share. It is this sharing of knowledge and friendship which really is the motivation behind why I created The Foodie Blogroll – a way to bridge cultural gaps through food and to build the best online community for foodies! If you have not joined The Foodie Blogroll, sign up today!

So you know those bloggers who are just always there to say a nice and encouraging word? The ones who will always be there when you try something new – like a blogging event, or the creation of a forum? Or the bloggers who send you gifts from the heart just because they think you might enjoy it? These are the people who day in and day out are there – so much so, that even though they live sometimes thousands of miles away, they have become a part of your daily life? Well this goes out to them.

Jenn’s Top 5 Food Bloggers With Heart:

Dharm of Dad ~ Baker & Chef
has been there from the beginning. When the Leftover Queen Forum was in its budding stages, and the Royal Foodie Joust was but a blip on the radar of Foodie Events, I could always count on Dharm to be there lending support. When I expressed my desire to learn how to make a curry, Dharm was there offering up his mum’s famous Kheema. Dharm is always there to lend support and I am really thankful for it. Which is why when I take the month of April off from The Royal Foodie Joust, to get married, I am putting Dharm in charge of the event! So thanks Dharm for being a great blogging friend!

Cris of From Our Home To Yours
is one of the nicest people in the Blogosphere. She and I were both exchange students once upon a moon, through the same program AFS (American Field Service). Although we were in different host countries, at different times, we still share a bond that only an AFSer can understand. Cris has also been there from the beginning of the Forum and The Royal Foodie Joust, participating in every single one. Although she is quiet, she has a huge heart. She sent me some special treats from her native Brazil just because she thought I’d like them – coffee, a dish towel her mom made and a Native Brazilian ornament. All of which I hold very dear.

Then there is Valli of More Than Burnt Toast
who I kind of see as the cheerleader of the Foodie Blogosphere. I see her around on every single blog I read – even some of the blogs I don’t frequent as often as I’d like, she is consistently there! She certainly gets around and always has the kindest words to say – never a criticism. She is always really respectful and has a big thirst for knowledge and is not afraid to ask questions. She is so warm, seeing her comments on my blog makes me smile.

And how could I forget Nuria of Spanish Recipes
Seeing her little icon around the blogosphere is like getting a little hug, because I think if we were to meet in person, that is exactly what Nuria would do – give me a big hug! Her positive energy and glow just comes right off the computer screen. You can feel how much she cares about her family, her friends, her puppy and the delicious meals she creates. Such a genuine person.

Then there is my dear friend Lisa of the coffee blog Lisabeeen
She is my “real life” friend because she and I have been friends in the real world for several years and we kind of followed each other into the blogosphere. But besides being my friend, I love her unabashed enthusiasm for coffee and the four leggeds of the world. She has a great section of her blog devoted to Coffee Critters – people’s pets with coffee. It is surely to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Lisa’s enthusiasm for coffee and roasting beans is contagious!

Who are your Top 5 Bloggers with Heart?

Next Week: Top 5 Most Witty Food Bloggers