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A bright soul has left this world. At the age of 30, my bellydancing teacher, Rose Champagne has left on the final journey into the unknown after a battle with brain cancer. She already beat it five years ago and had her whole life ahead of her. When I left New England, she had just gotten married and bought a new house. She had it all รขโ‚ฌโ€œ a wonderful husband, a new house and a fabulous career doing what she loved. She was one of those shining stars, someone with a beautiful soul who kind of glided through the world. She was the kind of person everyone wanted to know and be around. She was someone who stood out in a room. She was kind, and loving and beautiful. I knew her but briefly and from afar, but she affected everyone she knew with her grace. I pray for her family that must go on without her.

To my teacher Rose Champagne. Rose, it is hard to believe that a spirit so strong and beautiful and full of light has left this earth. There is always a bit of emptiness felt in the world, when a light as bright as yours leaves this realm. I ask that your spirit be as free now, as it always was in The Dance now that you are free from the physical limitations of your body, which whirled with such grace and beauty as you walked among us for too brief a time. You taught us how to be free in our own dances and to let the ancestral spirit flow and sway with our bodies. You taught us how to communicate through dance and let loose. You gave so much to us all and I want to thank you and send you with gifts of the sweetest baklava and delicious dark Turkish Coffee, for the journey you have left to travel.

May you be at peace.